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Working With Our Ancestors

I have spent a lot of time with my ancestors over the last week. While I often talk to my beloved dead, on most days it's really just my dad & Adam (my doorman-spirit guide). They are chatty and often stop by just to interject their thoughts and opinions. Their company is much like that of a household family. I expect to hear from them daily and their coming and going is much more natural; no pomp and circumstance needed, no calling them in or thanking them for their communication, they simply are there and have something to say. But sometimes I need to work with my ancestors intentionally; calling them in for advice or to take advantage of the strength they have in certain skills and the power of their conviction around certain circumstances.

This week was all about Grammy Brown. Grammy Brown was my great-grandmother, but she raised my father so to me she was just 'Grammy'. In fact, Grammy Brown was known as Gram by most people in town, she was also known as a wise woman, and people were always coming to see her for advice about the unknown, and to talk to their dead. Grammy was my first teacher of the esoteric and she did so in Hillbilly fashion with simple words and lots of common sense.

Earlier this week my sister and I went to Whitefield, NH; the town we grew up in, for a rally to protect Forest Lake. Forest Lake is a small lake in Dalton, NH where, it is also where all the kids and Whitefield took swimming lessons and spent most of their summer if they were lucky. The lake is currently threatened, as a Casella is trying to put a large waste treatment plant within a short distance of the water. This would endanger the lake, its wetlands, and the wildlife that make it their habitat.

Get involved-Save Forest Lake-

Before going to the Rally my sister and I first visited Grammy Brown's old property. We gathered wild roses from her rose bush and yarrow; the roses for grammy's gravestone and the yarrow for my sister to transplant to her own land. With the roses in hand, we drove to the Park Street cemetery where the Brown family has a plot; Grammy Brown, my grandfather Neil, my aunt Sheila and my Uncle Ted are buried there along with a dear family friend Mike Emery. My father decided he did not want a tombstone, instead choosing to be cremated and spread about a bit. We stopped by the graveyard before heading to the rally because we wanted to activate our ancestors, let them know what was happening in the town they loved and ask their support; that they stand with us against the destructive force that threatens the water.

Asking our Ancestors to stand with us against things we know they would oppose is a great way to connect with our Beloved Dead, the shared cause allows us to feel them more easily, and working together helps us form a relationship with our dead loved ones that is natural and easy, often replacing the feeling of loss with one of connection.

I connected with Grammy a second time this week when I had to have a difficult conversation with someone I care about. This time I asked her to 'sit with me'; a technique in which I allow the spirit to reside in my physical form with me. This is not something I recommend unless you are a skilled medium and know the spirit you are communicating with well! When she sat in me I was immediately overcome with emotions, suddenly taken back to being 12 years old and being told she was dead. I started to cry and took a deep breath, both ecstatic to be connecting to her so, and also a bit overcome. She spoke up and said, "OK Sali, that's enough".

As a professional Medium, my work is connecting people to their Beloved Dead (ancestors, guides, and loved ones). In my work, I am seldom emotional as I am there as the conduit, the messenger, the loss is not mine and the love shared is not mine; although I feel it very deeply. In truth, the only spirit connection that chokes me up is that of Grammy Brown. She was the most important person in my young life, and her death was the most profound for me.

I had called upon Grammy this second time to help me hold space and deliver my words with the most kindness and love that I could, because as I often say "I am not chicken noodle soup for the soul, I'm more of a poke in the third eye". Where I am direct and straightforward, Grammy always had a way of helping people see things for themselves, she never came across as judgemental or criticizing instead she came across as 'Grammy' the quintessential grandmother of all, who may scold you from time to time but you always knew it was filled with love and what was best for you. Working with her in this manner helped me focus on what the other would need to keep them be comfortable enough to hear the conversation instead of just taking it as a criticism.

In truth we are all spirits, just those of us who are living are fortunate enough to have a skin-suit to wear that allows us to have a fuller more complex vision of reality; one with all the feels! Being spirit ourselves we are designed to grow and expand our consciousness, and connecting with our Beloved Dead is a way in which we can grow through osmosis. Spending time with Grammy always makes me calmer, slower, less intense; all the things about me that make me a bit much for people who need a softer approach to advice and healing. This kind of contact is much like how we are influenced by the living people we surround ourselves with.

Think of your ancestors the next time you are looking for support. Remember to ask your Uncle; the carpenter, to join you before you put on that addition. Ask your mother the nurse to sit with you when you are taking care of your sick child. Scared of public speaking, ask that gregarious friend of yours to stand with you at the podium. Remember we are influenced by those we surround ourselves with, and those of us in spirit like to be acknowledged, needed, and honored. So remember to thank them for their help, give them a little something special to let them know your care; such as eating their favorite treat while talking about them, lighting a bit of tobacco for the smokers, telling a story, singing to them. You know who they are and what they like, they are your loved ones, and in truth simply telling them how much you miss and love them is enough!

spreading love-


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