Water Holes, Magic Making & Free Concerts...

Updated: Jul 18

All too often we think of vacation and adventure as something that exists outside of the land we call home, requiring us to venture to far-away states and countries. But what about the magic that exists around the bend, and down at the hidden water hole along the river? What gems are there for those who seek? What magical experiences are hidden in plain sight?

This week's WYRD TRAVELS will take us to Solstice Meadow (my backyard), a Witch Shop in Exxex Junction, the shores of Lake Willougby, and finishes up with a Free Concert @ Dog Mountain!


I love teaching magic! I love introducing people to the supernatural world; showing them how they can expand their awareness and heal themselves & the world around them, and empowering them to continue the journey. My favorite way to do this is through deep immersion, intensive retreats in which attendees get a chance to build relationships with each other and the land. Through sharing space around a fire, eating meals, and bunking together people get more than just a lesson in magic, they get a chance to step outside their comfort zone and see who they truly are.

The Elemental Witchcraft retreat focused on the teachings and energetic attunements of my new book The Path of ELEMENTAL WITCHCRAFT. We explored dowsing, geomancy, and the various Earth Temples here at Solstice Meadow. We did meditative drum walks in the woods, developed relationships with our breath through breathing techniques and vocal toning, fed the sacred fire, and baptized (blessed) ourselves in the water of a spiritually potent lake (Lake Willoughby). It was a powerful time filled with elemental goodness and healing!

Upcoming Retreats with Salicrow-

September 9th-11th Rootstalk Retreat, Glover, VT

Upcoming Teachings @ Solstice Meadow-

August 26th, 6pm-9pm

August 27th, 10am-9pm


Lake Willoughby is one of my favorite places! Willoughby is ranked the cleanest lake in Vermont; which says a lot, as Vermont is considered the greenest state in the country. To add to its majestic allure, the crystal clear deep water (328') is nestled between Mount Pischa and Mount Hor, and surrounded by the Willoughby State Forest. (The steep mountainsides, and state forest limit building and growth around the lake.) Energetically Willoughby is connected to the Crown Chakra, being part of the Chakra Ley Line mentioned in the Gaia Matrix by Peter Champoux. Whether you are into dowsing/geomancy, have an understanding of the Chakra system or not, it is pretty near impossible to not feel at peace and connected to a higher power when sitting on the shores of this lake.

My sisters and I visit the lake often as it is only 10 minutes from my home in the summertime (the shortcut is closed by snow in the winter). Over the last few weeks I have visited the shores of Willoughby when doing the Water Attunement at my ELEMENTAL WITCHCRAFT RETREAT, and for a day of sitting by the water, in which we were visited by a mink whose home was along the shore, and a proud mama duck with her very large brood of ducklings. In truth, we had never visited this particular spot, located just off the South Shore (nude) beach (yes, Willoughby has a nude beach!) We chose the spot as our regular spot where the Undines pool was unreachable due to trail maintenance by the Northwoods Stewardship Center.


Practical Magick is a fabulous little witch shop owned and operated by Stacy Sweet and Lynnae Dube in Essex Junction, Vermont. Serving their magical community as healers as well as both healers and magical shop keepers, (Stacy is a Massage Therapist, and Lynnae is a Reiki Master) these witchy ladies have created a strong magical community; bringing in readers and teachers from near and far.

This was my third time visiting Practical Magick as a Psychic Teacher and author. I stopped in for a book signing and talk, followed by a workshop on PYROMANCY; scrying with Wax & Air! I love the people, community, and magic of Practical Magick, and I am sure I will be heading back again soon!

Burlington, VT