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Wands, clubs, and staves are connected to our mind, carrying information about our thought process; inspiration, inner strength, intuition, creativity, and psychic knowing. When they appear in a reading, they are generally talking about things that are taking up space in our mental process, decisions that need to be made, projects we are dreaming into being, and the shadow work of our consciousness are often played out through its numbers and court.

To many, it is obvious that the four suits are connected to the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. In my last blog, when we were looking at the suit of Pentacles it was easy to make the comparison between pentacles and the element of earth as the cards are directly connected to the physical matters of our life; such as our home, job, and health. With Wands things are not as easily designated; in fact, there is a lot of debate over whether the suit of Wands is connected to Fire, and Swords are connected to Air, or whether it is vice versa (Like Pentacles, Cups are obvious; showing a clear connection to our emotions). In my opinion, Wands being a thing of the mind are obviously connected to the element of Air, which is focused on communication, inspiration, and the workings of our mind. The reason some people feel that wands are meant for the element of fire comes from the fact that wood burns. But my argument for that is Swords are born in fire! You cannot make a sword without the element of fire, and swords like fire are things of action! (I will continue this discussion in my next blog when we take a look at the suit of Swords).

Seeing Wands as connected to the element of Air suits its nature, as both are filled with movement. I like to see the connection that the air has with the trees; which wands are made of. In my book ‘The Path of ELEMENTAL WITCHCRAFT’, which comes out May 2022, I speak of the relationship between trees and the element of Air, and how trees are naturally altars to the air. They have a symbiotic relationship, in which the trees give the Air a presence, a way of being seen in the physical world, and Air supports the trees by spreading their seeds about. This interactive relationship is what cements my belief that Wands belong to the Air. Seeing this connection, communication becomes an important factor of the suit of Wands.

When Wands are showing up for you, there is often an important conversation you need to be having, either with yourself or others. Wands ask us to think, to make choices, and to explore the direction we are going in first with our mind! With this in mind, even the more challenging cards connected to the suit take on a ‘King of the Mountain’ kind of mentality, in which the problems they present are often less than we are making them. We may experience a battered and bruised feeling when dealing with the issues they present, but unlike swords, they are not absolute, or unlikely to cause us lasting harm. If Wands are making themselves noticeable in your readings, note that you most likely have a problem you are overthinking and that spending some time in mediation, looking at the issue from a different perspective would most likely be helpful.

Wands do not always present a problem, they are also known for presenting us with dreams, ideas, and inspiration. Intuition comes through wands often in the form of our dreams and psychic input. While intuition is also present in the suit of Cups, presenting their information through emotional response, Wands presents their information through a more intellectual route, that is often quicker moving and less bogged down with feelings!

Exploration, play, and experimentation are often our companions when we have a reading full of Wands. This does not mean everything they offer is insubstantial, it simply shows that Wands represent are ideas, dreams, and the beginnings of projects. They are the wind that whispers in our ear, speaking of new ideas, and the howling squall that screams at us when something is wrong! Take the teaching of Wands with a great deal of thought, explore the issues they speak of from all directions, and listen to the thoughts that come without prodding. Our intuition is the voice we hear first, after that it's us making excuses to bring our answers around to something we want to hear (good or bad). In developing our own skill with the Tarot or any form of divination, we need to learn to listen to that first thought.

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