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Samhain is a dark time, a time of betwixt and between in which we feel slightly out of sorts as we wobble between winter and summer, light and dark, the living and the dead. This year the wobble seems more potent than in years past as if the isolation created by the pandemic changed something in our collective consciousness; opening our minds and tapping into our ancient soul, activating the part of us that remembers we are all psychic!

Samhain or Halloween as it is so named in these modern times is a holiday deeply connected to honoring this wyrd time of shifting realities. While we have all grown up with costumes and candy, parties, and pranks, the origins of Halloween are seeped in ancestor honoring and divination. Many holidays, from many cultures, take place at this time of year; Samhain, Dia De Los Muertos (the day of the dead), and All Saints Day, and they are all connected to the unseen world! This is not a coincidence, for those of us who are sensitive to spirit can attest that the Dead come out in masses during this time of the year.

Along with honoring the dead, many witches, mystics, and magical folks acknowledge Halloween/Samhain as the beginning of the New Year. Like the gestation period just before birth, Halloween is a potent time of high energy in which the planet is preparing for the return of the light that comes with the Winter Solstice. It is a time when our psychic senses are lit up and we may feel a deeper connection to our knowing, intuitive self; making it a perfect time to look into that which is coming.

This year, Halloween falls on a Monday; today, which adds a level of hustle to the holiday, as those of us who are juggling children and jobs try to fit everything in and still make it memorable. Often in such scenarios, we can tell ourselves that we simply do not have the time to do something spiritual, but in truth, spirituality is something we need to make time for. There will always be other things to do, and chances are we are not going to pull off the picture-perfect ceremony we saw on TikTok or while searching through Pinterest. Ceremonies of that aesthetic caliber are rare and don't necessarily guarantee you a deeper experience. Learning to make your spiritual work simple, and approachable will allow you to build a practice that fits your life. There is nothing wrong with doing your ceremony in your favorite fuzzy pajamas, or doing your tarot spread while laying in bed with a cup of tea. Let go of the idea of perfect, and get into the idea of practice!

Tonight, regardless of whether it is a 5-hour ceremony with candelabras, incense billowing out of the windows, and choreographed dance moves, or you snuggled up with your favorite blanket, a candle, and a picture of your dead mother, take the time to connect with spirit! Take the time to connect with yourself! Pull a few Oracle Cards or Tarot, as you look into your next year. Tell stories of your ancestors, speak to them of the life you are living and the memories you hold of them. Ask for visitation in your dreams, as well as your waking world. Honor your Beloved Dead by eating their favorite food, drinking their favorite beverages, and smoking their favorite herbs. Tell stories, of the dead and dreams of the future. This time of Betwixt and Between is truly a time of magic!

spreading love- salicrow

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How can we connect with the etheric elemental beings controlling our natural world? Psychic medium Salicrow has been on a path of extrasensory perception for her entire life, entering mediumship at a young age and connecting individuals on all sides of our reality through harmony within nature. Salicrow helps bridge the gaps between elemental forces of unseen realms (such as energies, elves, gnomes, and the fae) to empower individuals' extended perceptions of the natural world. She offers insight on how we can stay grounded during trying times by uniting with spirit through intentions and mindfulness.

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Communication with the dead is not something reserved for an elite few, it is a natural ability in which skill may be developed with practice. . We all possess the ability to connect with our ancestors & spirit guides.

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