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Having explored the Major Arcana, and the suits of the Tarot we will now take a look at the court cards. Each suit of the Tarot has ten numbered cards and four court cards; the page, knight, queen, and King. Today we will take a look at the Pages of the Tarot.

Pages are the messengers of the court, they carry important documents, share ideas, and introduce concepts to the querent (person receiving the reading). Each page has a different flavor depending on the suit it is attached to. The PAGE OF CUPS (cups, chalices, goblets) is the most emotional of the pages, often considered the messenger of love. When the Page of Cups comes into our life they are there to make us aware of an emotional situation that needs our attention. It is easy to assume that as a messenger of love they would be all about romance, but love comes in many different forms, so it's important to check in with your intuition, and the cards surrounding the page to get a clear look at the message they carry. Generally, the Page of Cups is seen as a messenger of good news, carrying whispers of romantic love, budding friendships, and opportunities that carry an emotional component. One of my favorite ways to view the Page of Cups is as the messenger of healing, who shows up to point the way toward the path of wholeness.

The PAGE OF WANDS (wands, rods, staves) comes with messages of growth, particularly that of Soul Growth. Their arrival herald in opportunity, inspiration, and new ideas. The Page of Wands is the adventurous traveler, who points the way to the path we should take. Remembering Wands are all about the expansion of our thought and the contemplation of ideas their appearance in our reading tells us things are going to change, we are going to see the world differently whether we want to or not. Ushering in new adventures, travel, and concepts that will ultimately bring about spiritual growth, the Page of Wands often opens new channels of communication for us; both with ourselves and others. The bold, step onto the path they represent, which invites us to become more!

The PAGE OF PENTACLES is the ambitious doer of the pages, the manifester, who shows up to remind us it's time to take our dreams into the physical world. Remembering that pentacles are the suit that tells of the Earthly realm of home, job, building, and creating we can see the Page of Pentacles as a sign it's time to make things happen, to step up to the crafting bench and start getting things done.

The Page of Pentacles, being focused on our Earthly world carries messages of creation. This can be a powerful card that invites us to become co-creators of our reality!

The PAGE OF SWORDS carries messages of action! Stepping forward they announce that shit is going to happen. While they do not carry the immediate activation of a Knight, they are the boldest of the Pages. Their messages are often direct, and their tongue can be sharp. Little energy is wasted on emotions when the Page of Swords shows up, they are quick of mind and hold the direction of leadership, telling us we need to get moving now...much like an alarm clock going off, they are not to be ignored. They are eager to get on with the business at hand and often their appearance in our life feels like being prodded with a pointy blade. We can't sit around comfortably procrastinating, as they will poke us with the sharp end until we are uncomfortable enough to move. This being said, the Page of Swords is not meant to punish us, they are simply a no-nonsense kind of messenger, they see change needs to be made and they are going to speak up until we do!

One of the things to remember about all of the Pages is that they are messengers, not enforcers. They suggest it's time for us to take action and whisper stories of upcoming change into our ears. In my experience, they are worth listening to, for when we do not the Knights come to visit and they are a lot more forceful in their convincing.

THE PAGE COMES A KNOCKING is part of a 4-part Blog series COURTS OF THE TAROT, in which we explore the court cards and how they pertain to the Suits of Pentacles, Cups, Wands, & Swords. You can find my 22 part series on THE MAJOR ARCANA, and my 4 part series on THE SUITS OF THE TAROT, by following this link-

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