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Where the page politely delivers a message like an errand boy of the Universe, the Knight barges onto the scene insisting that something needs to be done about the situation. Knights are bold, and mounted! Like cavalry units of the military, they are mobile and fleet, often taking us by surprise. Regardless of their suit, are action cards, and the appearance of a knight in our reading means things need attending to, more than one knight in the reading and you should prepare for shit to get moving, and most likely for there to be a momentum involved that leaves us little choice but to do so. Unlike the Page; whose message we can conveniently tuck away in the recess of our mind, the appearance of Knights will not be ignored!

It's important when reading the Tarot to understand that cards can represent people, this is particularly true of court cards. Where the Pages are often people who are young (in mind or body) and a bit more reserved, being the errand boys of the Tarot, Knights when representing a person generally show those who are bold and infused with the hotheads and persistent drive of youth. A lot can be told about the individual Knights by looking at their body language and that of their mount. The depiction of such is a reflection of the suit the Knight represents. Something that is most notable when looking at the difference between the Knight of Cups; who carries the composure of the valiant jousting knight of lore, and the Knight of Swords; who looks like he's come to fuck shit up!

Knights are the enforcers of the court, they make sure the message is received clearly! When they arrive we can expect things to become a bit more clear, and most likely we will experience a need for promptness in dealing with the situations they present. Knowing they represent their suits is important to remember. The Knight of Swords will come in sword drawn, ready to cut through the bullshit and get things done. When they arrive in our life, we can expect that the movement they carry in their wake will most likely be uncomfortable, as they are often brash and careless of the ripples their presence makes. The Knight of Swords cares little for our comfort, instead, he rips the bandaid off and makes us look at the trouble festering beneath. While the Knight of Cups generally comes forward announcing love, like the fabled knights of old who joust in the name of their fair-lady, and the Knight of Wands announces bold changes in the way we think, filling our minds with opportunities to grow, and the Knight of Pentacles ushers in changes in our physical world; industry, craft, home building, and more.

The Knights are in my mind the sexiest members of the court, for they are filled with potent possibility. Filled with purpose and emotions, they emit vitality! These cards are infused with action, and they are persistent in reaching their objective. I suppose sexy is a strange word to describe a sect of the Tarot, but it is the energy they carry that is sexy, and if the card is representing a person, you can expect them to have a magnetic personality, their attraction is based on the fact that they so fully believe in their purpose. This magnetism not only is attractive in a person represented by the Knight but also applies to situations and opportunities they represent, infusing their purpose with a light that draws others to the cause. When Knights show up in your reading, it's likely that you will be provided the help you need to get the job done, as others can also see the need!

Remember to examine your Knights well when they show up for you, look at their body posture, and that of their mount; if they have one. Notice the placement of their weapon, is it drawn for combat or held in the ready? Remember, when learning the Tarot things will change slightly from deck to deck. Every author and illustrator has their own version of the card they are presenting to you, and it is helpful to let your mind be nimble that it may be open to intuitive insight. I have many decks, and over time I have found I know which ones I want to use for which situations. Understanding the common truth of all decks; the generalized definition of a particular card, gives us a basis to build on, but ultimately we must listen to our intuition for the Tarot in truth is nothing but a tool of our own psychic mind.

THE KNIGHT INSISTS is part of a 4-part Blog series COURTS OF THE TAROT, in which we explore the court cards and how they pertain to the Suits of Pentacles, Cups, Wands, & Swords. You can find my 22 part series on THE MAJOR ARCANA, and my 4 part series on THE SUITS OF THE TAROT, by following this link-

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