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The Kings of the Tarot are the most commanding of the court. Having the perspective of those who have traveled through life overcoming obstacles, and gaining wisdom they now reign through thought and deed. When a King appears in our reading there is no room for maybes and think-sos, as we are being commanded to look at the information they bring to light! Their presence alone is a sure sign that we will need to do something about the situation, and most likely that something will involve taking action. As the highest of the court cards the Kings trump all other tarot royalty. While they are persistent, they will quickly become annoyed at having to remind us more than once; making our lives uncomfortable until we do as we are advised...

The King of Wands is an inspired leader, their mind often alight with ideas and purpose. They are keenly aware of their physical prowess and are often seen poised upon their throne as if they could spring to action at any time. When representing a person, they have a tendency to be connected to those who are movers and shakers, with creativity and growth springing up around them. As I said earlier in this series; court cards can often be representatives of people in our life, including ourselves, and are meant to be non-binary in their depiction. Along with representing people, the court cards also represent the values they carry, making the King of Wands also a messenger that things are going to start moving, that ideas will be built upon, as it is time for action! If they are showing up for you, you may want to pay attention to the dreams that are percolating around you, and have faith that it is time to act upon those that speak loudest to you.

We have learned by now that in the Tarot, Cups represent emotions. That being said, the King of Cups is ruler & ruled by his emotions! He is diplomatic, preferring conversation and communication over swords and shields. That being said, when the King of Cups is reversed he may find his emotions overwhelming, and/or be prone to addiction and overindulgence. If the King of Cups shows up in your reading he may be showing you something of yourself you need to see, particularly if you are easily ruled by your emotions. Learning how to navigate our emotions is paramount to our growth as awakened humans, for the clarity of our intuition can be dulled when we let our emotions run ramped around us. The King of Cups on his throne has both connection and control of his emotions!

The King of Pentacles represents success on the physical plane. He is abundant, rich, and successful, and he has earned his throne! Often representing those who are self-made, achieving their position through hard work and dedication, the King of Pentacles is proud, and may even lean toward arrogance. When reversed he holds those qualities in the negative, and we may find him a braggart or confidence man, making promises he has no ability to keep. The King of Pentacles can be incredibly generous, but it's important to remember the likes of being King and does not expect his generosity to go unnoticed. This is a card that often comes up for those who are self-made entrepreneurs, who blaze the path of their own destiny. When it shows for you in a reading it is a good idea to take a look at the projects you are building upon, seeing them as successful through hard work and dedication.

The King of Swords is the warlord King, he has won his seat through battle and he intends to keep it! The King of Swords is not content to wait for trouble to come to him, he is ever vigilant in the search for his next obstacle. As a master strategist, he relies heavily on his wit as much as his might. He can often come across as cold or lacking in emotions, and in truth, this is the most difficult of Kings to have an intimate relationship with, as they struggle to express their emotions; often coming out cock-eyed or backward. When the King of Swords shows in a reading we may be expected to use force to achieve our goal (please note force and violence are not necessarily the same thing)!

Knowing when a Court Card represents a person, and when it represents an idea or 'thing', can be tricky. Remember to pay attention to the thoughts that come into your mind first, as they are linked to your intuition. If you think a court card is representing you and a project you are undertaking, chances are it does. If however, you draw one of the court cards and immediately think of your friend or family member, then the card has indeed appeared to represent them. Learning the nuances of the Tarot takes time and dedication, it also requires you to trust!

Join me next week when I begin the final segment of my exploration of the Tarot...NUMEROLOGY AND THE TAROT!

THE KINGS COMMAND is part of a 4-part Blog series COURTS OF THE TAROT, in which we explore the court cards and how they pertain to the Suits of Pentacles, Cups, Wands, & Swords. You can find my 22 part series on THE MAJOR ARCANA, and my 4 part series on THE SUITS OF THE TAROT, by following this link-

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