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Numerology is the art of divination through numbers, recognizing that situations; such as births, marriages, and important dates, as well as phone numbers, addresses, and even names, carry an energetic vibration based on their numerological value. In Numerology, numbers are broken down to their base number; or single digit, with the exception of Master Numbers such as 11, 22, 33, & 44. In our study of Numerology with the Tarot, we will be focusing on numbers 1-10, presented in each of the Tarot Suits. For those of you wanting to pursue a deeper understanding of Numerology I recommend the book NUMEROLOGY & THE DIVINE TRIANGLE -

Aces are unique to me, representing both the number one and something more. In numerology 1's represent new beginnings, independence, leadership, and pioneering spirit, they also have a special meaning to me, one of Karmic connection. Just as Aces in playing cards can be a one, but more often than not are seen as one of the highest-ranking cards in the deck, the same is true for the Tarot. In this way they represent the big '1' or what many of us would associate with the number 11, the karmic vibration of something extraordinary. In most decks, Aces are depicted as a single item; pentacle, cup, wand, or sword, being presented by the hand of divine, showing that what is being presented is special!

I often describe Aces as items we put on our agenda before birth; which is supported by my work as a psychic medium, and my understanding of reincarnation. In my understanding, we play an active part in designing our life before birth, and genuinely do a better job of it the older our soul is. Which is why we often refer to wise people as 'Old Souls'. Aces in readings to me represent the activation point of things we have chosen to learn in this life time, recognizing that our every move is not planned but important lessons are placed upon our path. When Aces show up for people I explain that they are inevitable. How we deal with them is up to us, but the fact that something is going to happen is inevitable!

In my experience; as a psychic reader for over 30 years, the way in which Aces appear in ones reading is the same throughout their life. Some people will always have Aces in their readings, as they are slowly working away at life's lessons. Others will have periods of their life in which they are free of karmic prodding, and then find themself in situations in which their life is bombarding them with big lessons, and generally, their reading will echo this with multiple Aces showing up at once. It is important to note that Karma does not equate to punishment; a common misinterpretation, in short, it means destiny or fate...that which is fated!

Aces are not meant to be ignored! Often they will begin to show in a person's reading as a suggestion; often coming in reversed/upside down, or in positions that represent the future first, much like a suggestion or nudge, saying "Hey, you might want to pay attention to this". When ignored they get louder, moving from suggestion to demanding, and finally to kicking our ass if we ignore them too long!

Recognizing Aces as the master equivalent of the number 1, we recognize the power of the Master Number 11 which carries the vibration of teacher, as Aces surface in our readings as reminders of lessons we have chosen to learn, and the opportunity to do so. Do not be afraid when you see them, remember that you were the one who created the plan putting them in place. In my experience, when we engage with the lessons presented by Aces we will find things moving along smoothly, and when we resist them we tend to get kicked around a bit. I will talk about the number 1 again in more detail when we get to 10/1 at the end of the series.

NUMEROLOGY & THE TAROT is part 1 of an 11 part series. You can find my other Tarot Series: my 22 part series on THE MAJOR ARCANA, and my 4 part series on THE SUITS OF THE TAROT, and my 4 part series on the COURT OF THE TAROT by following this link-

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