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The Holiday Tree has been celebrated since antiquity, making its way through time morphing and changing to fit into whatever religion and culture pick it up. It is the ever-green reminder that the sunshine and growing things will return, and that winter will not last forever. In the Northern countries where the darkness was long and the weather unbearable, there was a need for remembering that this too would pass; the green goodness of the evergreen tree provided this reminder!

While the Germans were given credit for the first 'Christmas Tree' in the 16th century, placing gifts or offerings around a tree during the Winter Solstice is thousands of years older, with its roots in Scandinavia.

For many, the act of decorating the tree is as much a part of the holiday magic as festive meals and gifts. Many families have ornaments passed down through generations, and collected year by year, while some of us choose a new tree theme each year. Some of us buy perfectly groomed trees from tree farms, some of us have fake trees we put together piece by piece, some use small potted trees, and some like me choose a small tree from their own land that needs to come down for land maintenance. Regardless of how or what you use for a tree if you have one you have the opportunity to make holiday magic, by using your tree as the altar!

Altar- An altar is a sacred space we place items to represent our intentions, prayers, and spell-workings.

Altars are generally located in places we will see often, as they are physical reminders of the magic we are working. When we pass by them we are reminded that we have prayers and intentions we are manifesting, and we subconsciously send our energy to those dreams simply by gazing upon them. With this in mind, you can see how the Holiday Tree makes a perfect altar!

The only difference between how you have been decorating your tree for years, and turning your tree into a magical altar is the intention! When working magic we recognize that all of our actions are part of the magic. From the planning to the doing it is all part and parcel of the course. The magic starts the moment we decide we are going to do things differently. Start with choosing your ornaments carefully. You do not need to put all your ornaments on every year, or maybe you do, if so take a handful of ornaments that will be placed in prominent positions to place your intention into. When you have your chosen ornaments hold each in your hand for a few moments; speaking your spells or prayers into them before placing them on the tree.

When your tree is decorated and you are gazing upon its glory remember you have magic there. When you water your tree know that you are giving energy to your dreams, and when you turn the lights on, imagine your dreams and spells being illuminated. This is simple magic meant to be woven by the entire family, so take turns holding ornaments and speaking your magic into them. Remember MAGIC IS EVERYWHERE!

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