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The fertility of the empress

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

The Empress or the Lady; as she is known in some decks, represents the fertile seed of femininity. She is potent and ripe, abundant and juicy, a soon-to-be mother carrying the glowing light of new life. The Empress represents potential and abundance, for she sits upon her throne with all of the symbols of new life surrounding her. She is the goddess as Mother, and she is the very land itself!

Continuing our journey through the Major Arcana; viewing the cards as characters in their own right, the Empress is card 3. Numerologically three is the number of creation, something the Empress clearly represented by her full belly. The journey to this point has led us from our brave beginnings as The Fool; who walked off the cliff believing the path would open before him, through the incarnation of The Magician; gathering our tools, and the lessons of composure and dedication gifted to us by The High Priestess, now as The Empress we are fertile and abundant, filled with potential.

The fertility of the Empress is not limited to human fertility, although it is often a card that comes up when someone is pregnant or soon to be. Instead, it represents fertility on the broader spectrum, marking potential and abundance in all forms. The reader must determine how they feel that fertility will unfold; something easiest done by taking in the story of the cards surrounding The Empress in the reading.

I love the potential The Empress represents, as she is a container of growth; literally as a pregnant mother, and figuratively as she is often surrounded by symbols of fertility and abundance. In the latter form, she can be a representative of land or project as well as human potential. When she shows up in a reading we must ask 'What is it I am creating?'. 'Who am I becoming?', 'What am I creating with this fertile, juicy soup inside of me?'

Another form The Empress takes on is that of sovereign leader, for she is the queen of queens. Carrying the creative force of the universe she is the mother of nations, communities, and family. She holds space regally, knowing that she must nurture and guide those in her charge. Often those drawn to community leadership will find themselves drawn to The Empress card, as they recognize that their personal fertility and spark is best used in service to the greater good. The best part of this is The Empress does so without sacrificing herself. She is well cared for and relaxed, taking responsibility without overwhelming herself, she knows her own well-being is paramount to her ability to be of service.

If The Empress is showing up for you ask yourself what projects you are dedicating yourself to, and if you are caring for yourself properly. The Empress is a sacred vessel of potential, and as an aspect of self she shows us that we are carrying that spark, we have the potential inside us to accomplish our goals. Know yourself, do not be afraid of your potential, give over to the idea that your light is bright enough to illuminate your dreams and that of others. The Empress is a team player, she is the mother after all, and being so she knows that supporting her community, supports her own potential.

Where the High Priestess serves the community from a point of aloofness; seeing themselves as separate, or individual, The Empress does so in partnership, for she is generally seen as having a partner which she shares rulership. In this form, The Empress represents the empowered feminine who has moved beyond needing solitude to hold herself so, making her a representative of the divine feminine in a healthy intimate relationship (hence the pregnant belly). For many, she shows that they have found the inner strength they needed in the High Priestess and are now ready to share the world with another.

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The Empress is part 4 of a 22 part series of blogs on The Major Arcana. You can previous posts by following this link-


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