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Updated: Nov 26, 2021

The Emperor is more than a king, he is the king of kings, ruler of all! He is in control and capable of managing his vast world. Having followed the road before him, he has braved the unknown, stepping boldly off the cliff as the Fool, gathered his tools like the magician, stepped into his own sacred self as the High Priestess, and gathered his bounty as the Empress, now as the Emperor he must learn to navigate his own sovereignty, and truly become ruler of his own path.

To many, the Emperor can come across as rigid, as in most cards he is seen armored, with an ankh scepter in one hand; representing eternal life and a globe in the other representing domination. His background is often stark and his body language speaks of the ability to move suddenly if need be. He oozes command!

Control is the keyword here, the Emperor is in control! He has a quick mind and a broad vision allowing him to take on the world (or his world at least). Often seen as warlike or willing to engage in war the Emperor is a force to be reckoned with, on that seldom need to use his power directly as knowledge of his power proceeds him. He is capable of accomplishing great plans and ready to sacrifice in order to do so.

The Emperor is the embodiment of discipline, self-control, and stability. While he can be rigid and controlling it is important to remember that such things are lie in the shadow of the Emperor not in his true light.

SOVEREIGNTY-the authority to self-govern, supreme power or authority

When the Emperor shows up as a representative of the querent (person receiving the reading) it is often to remind them that they need to recognize their own sovereignty. What does it mean to self-govern? Can we truly be in charge of our own boundaries? How can working with the Emperor help us do so?

While we can not truly self-govern; as we all must obey the laws of the land, the Emperor reminds us that we must honor ourselves and our own boundaries as much as we honor those of others. He speaks of self-importance and self-governance. The Emperor is emperor because he has great discipline, recognizes his boundaries, and is willing to work hard for the things he believes in. He is not a spoiled brat who inherited the crown from his daddy, instead, he is a strategic mastermind who landed upon his throne through his own doing. If he shows up as a representative of where we are on our path we must be prepared to work hard, stay focused and stand up for what we believe in, for it is through the development of structure, repetition, and boldness that we will achieve our goals.

If the Emperor is showing up for you ask yourself how you can find and honor your own sovereignty. Have you created a structured plan? Have you set clear boundaries? Do you enforce your boundaries? Are you repetitive and disciplined in your work? These are the requirements of the Emperor...

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