The Bali Brothers (part 2.)

The Bali Brothers were erected in the central fire circle of Solstice Meadow on Beltaine. Having rested on the land covered in tarps for the long winter, they were ready to have a home and had made it clear to me where that home was to be! I had originally thought I would place them in the poplar grove just south of the central fire circle, but shortly after having the protective tarp removed; that covered them through the winter, they were communicating with me where they wanted to be, and why they should not be in the woods.

Each head is hand carved from a single piece of Basalt; which means they are made of Lava! Clearly, fire beings wanted to be closer to the central fire, and that they were not meant to be placed in the woods for the same reason...Fire in the woods is bad!

I understand that the idea of statues talking to me might be hard for some to understand. Most of us were raised to believe that inanimate objects do not have consciousness; something that science is now proving wrong with the discovery that plants, trees, and fungi all have complex communication systems. It is only a matter of time before we realize that rock also has consciousness! In fact, we know and utilize the fact that stone holds memory, particularly in the form of silicone which is in everything from watches to computers.

I chose or maybe they be raised on Beltaine because it a fire holiday; celebrating the fire of our loins and fire itself to bless crops and livestock. In modern times Beltaine has a broader interpretation as a time to fertilize our personal crops; our dreams and personal goals. The Wyrd Weavers (my apprentices) and I held a celebration at Solstice Meadow inviting members of the Wisdom Keepers (my private Facebook group) to join us; as they had contributed to the purchase of the statues to begin with.

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