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Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Temperance invites us to stand between the worlds, with one foot in ordinary reality and the other in the fluid waters of our higher consciousness; where we connect with the divine in its many incarnations. While it is traditionally connected to taking the middle road; choosing balance, patience, and moderation, I have always seen it as a card of manifestation and alchemy!

Alchemy is the act of transforming one substance into another; transformation in action! Like The Magician, Temperance carries the teachings of 'As above, so Below', representing the act of co-creation, in which we manifest into being through our actions and beliefs. Notice how I said actions & beliefs! That's because we cannot simply wish something into being, we must also take actions that support our new way of being. Without action, our dreams fail to alchemize, leaving us treading water in our own life.

Temperance is deeply connected to the Element of Water, with most depictions showing a winged being (Angel, Fairy, Crow) with one foot in the water, and one foot on land, representing the querents (person being read) ability to connect to both Ordinary Reality and the Realm of Spirit. In this state of betwixt and between we are more fluid; represented by the abundance of water in this card, and capable of allowing the divine source of the universe to move through us, and through this connection, we are able to begin the alchemy of becoming. The foot on the ground speaks of our need to apply the structure of ordinary reality to that which we are manifesting, showing that we must connect our dreams to reality, and put real effort into supporting them. Here we find the balance point; the middle ground between the physical and non-corporeal!

I often refer to Temperance as the 'Witch Card' as witchcraft is all about manifestation and co-creation. One of the interesting things I have noticed about this card is how it shows up repeatedly for some people; making an appearance in most of their readings at some point. Those who do, are naturally good at manifestation and co-creation; having a natural understanding of how important our thought process is, and the need to put action behind our dreams. For these people, I express a need to keep their thoughts clean; avoiding self-defeating internal dialog and doubt, for they have a higher likelihood of bringing about what they focus on. (Most people who get the Witch Card regularly, agree quickly when I say "When in need you always seem to manifest that which is most necessary")

For those of us who Identify as manifesters and co-creators, Temperance is a reminder to be careful what we think as we just might make it happen! This is something to really take note of, as many of us spend an awful lot of time thinking about all the bad things we don't want to happen.

Co-creation starts with our minds! What we dwell on becomes the building blocks of our reality. If you believe in a divine force; as I do, you can think about it like sending a wish list to the Universe/God/Goddess, and what you are looking for is what you think of most. So when we constantly say shit like "I'm never going to find a decent partner, all I end up with is assholes", then it's like you are standing at the lunch counter of life ordering "I'd like an asshole for a partner please",

Magic is afoot when Temperance shows up, and more truly a Magic-Maker is afoot! If Temperance is showing up for you, ask yourself how you are utilizing it. Is your mind filled with worry and disbelief in yourself? Or, are you centered and empowered, ready to bring attention to your hopes and dreams? If you are stuck in disbelief, you don't have to stay there. Make an effort to clean up your thoughts. Working with simple mantras like "I am enough", "I am calling my best partner to me", "I am loved and appreciated", or "I am financially abundant" are great ways to counter negative banter. When the shit shows up in your mind, telling you you are not good enough, or whatever it prattles on about, simply repeat your mantra 4-5 times. This works to counter the belief, and the negative thought will go away. It will come back and when it does, you do the same thing. Over time those negative thoughts get replaced with encouraging ones and most likely you will see some powerful change in your life for doing so.

I am a person who has a strong presence of Temperance in my life, and often in my personal readings. I know I am a powerful manifester, and with this knowledge, I also am very conscious of my need to keep my mind focused in the direction I want to see things transpire. I am conscious of the garbage track that runs through my mind, and I work diligently to clean it out. When I am stuck in a negative focus I meditate and investigate where those thoughts are coming from. If they are not pertinent; created by leftover wounds and insecurities, I use mantras and other focusing techniques, such as altars and vision boards to create another pathway for my mind to traverse.

God/Goddess is inside each and every one of us, we all have the potential to be holy/whole! Follow Temperance to the water's edge, stick your toe in and feel the connection of standing at the betwixt and between, where ordinary reality and spirit meet. Here you are the great magician, the witch in her power, here you can begin the co-creation of your dreams!

spreading love-


Temperance is part of a 22 part series that you can find here on my blog-


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