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Updated: Nov 29, 2021

The Tower is a card most people have become familiar with thanks to Covid 19. Having a pandemic is a sure-fire way for people to get a close-up view of what it means to be living in Tower Times. In short, The Tower represents catastrophe or unexpected trouble of a life rearranging kind. When the tower shows up it is inevitable that things are going to change, the only thing we can do is determine how we are going to react.

The Tower card generally depicts a tower being struck by lightning, perhaps having caught on fire or crumbling to the ground. In most cards two people are falling from the tower, one is fretting and fighting the whole way, the other has given over to the experience, realizing there is nothing for them to do to stop it, they surrender. This to me is the question The Tower asks us, 'How are you going to handle the transition?'

The Tower rearranges our life for the change it ushers in is something we cannot avoid. No side-stepping the issue, no sticking our heads in the sand, The Tower forces us to pay attention and to choose how we are going to experience the inescapable challenge that is before us. Have no doubt, no matter how you choose to interact with The Tower your gonna be uncomfortable! But that does not make The Tower a bad card, for the disruption it brings can just as easily bring us to a better place as it can destroy. It simply is a messenger that this thing we are holding onto is no longer stable; it's been hit by lightning and is on fire, we can't go back to the way things were.

The Tower forces us to change the way we have been living, as it is no longer sustainable.

Where many decks are based upon the Rider-Waite Tarot some of them take on a more abstract vision of The Tower, but even still there is always an air of destruction, as The Tower tears down the old, forcing us to pick up the pieces and move on. In The Starman Deck (based on David Bowie) we see one man walking away from the destruction, solidly on the ground, and the other floating out into space. These depictions are similar to the way we see people falling in more traditional decks, with both showing that we have a choice in how we process and deal with the destruction. It is up to us whether it will make us stronger; creating a foundation for us to build upon again, or whether it will force us into the disassociative space of denial and self-pity.

The truth is we will all face our own personal Tower card at some point in life, and thanks to a global pandemic we are all going through this experience together, right now! With the exception of children born during the pandemic, there is not a single one of us alive who has not had their life turned upside down. We cannot go about our lives 'business as usual, as the systems have all been struck by lightning, things are short-circuiting, forcing us to find different ways of being. The Tower is not a bad card! It is a difficult card, but in truth, the destruction it depicts was most likely a ticking time bomb, to begin with. The systems that collapse under such diversity are generally broken, to begin with, the destruction of The Tower just makes the move for us, throwing us out of the broken tower that no longer serves us.

The Tower is not a house-wrecker that comes in and destroys all that we love. Instead, it is a floodlight being shown on the broken bits we have been holding together with duck tape. When things start to fall apart, we are not really surprised by what part of the system fails, for there have been tell-tale signs for ages. In our current Tower Times, none of us can say we are surprised by the system failure we are experiencing. We all have known for a long time that our medical system is dysfunctional, that the working poor DO NOT make a living wage, and that there is a great divide between the way people think in our vast country. Now that we are here; witnessing the calamity of our ill-equipped systems, we have no choice but to make a change, because the pieces just don't go back together anymore.

When The Tower card comes up for us in a reading we need to forget about stopping the change, and instead, decide how we want to weather it. The Tower is a chance to evolve! By really looking at the things that are falling away, we can choose to create ourselves in a healthier more functional way. It is important to remember that the difficulties we face in life, and the lessons we learn through them are often the very things that define us; for they present opportunities to learn! In many ways, we humans are like swords...we need tempering to create the sharpest, most developed version of ourselves. If the current times are throwing you out the window of your Tower and you are feeling all sorts of discombobulated, stop fighting the change! Instead, look for ways you can move through the experience with ease and flow. Be honest with yourself about the failing system, ask yourself if you are truly surprised, or whether you had been knowing/fearing this day would come inevitably. While we may be able to say we did not expect a pandemic, here it is, and while the changes are brutal and sometimes overwhelming, they have also brought clarity to the gross imbalance we are experiencing in the world, and the real need to become more conscious. We are here in this time of The Tower because we are meant to be. Ask yourself if you want to be part of the change, or would you rather throw in the tower and get by until your time here incarnate comes to an end. Me...I'm boots on the ground baby, boots on the ground! I was made for these times and I will do my best to make the world a better place while I am here!

spreading love-salicrow

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