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Swords are the most aggressive of the tarot suits; they are the shits-gonna-happen cards of the deck that speak of action, and change, often with a ripping the bandaid off approach to doing so! With the representation of sword, blade, or spade, you get the's a weapon, and chances are it's going to be a bit uncomfortable to deal with!

Here is where I must point out that just because something is uncomfortable, does not mean we should necessarily avoid it. In fact, many of the most rewarding things must first be faced with discomfort and sometimes straight-out pain.

I like to see swords as agents of change, they are the badass, boots on the ground cards of the Tarot that come into our lives to show us things are going to get real, and that action is needed to move forward. With this message, it is not surprising to find heartache, betrayal, and strife, but just as often they can be representing victory, survival, and clarity. Clarity is in fact one of the suit of Swords' best attributes as they often shine a light on the things we didn't want to see, making it crystal clear so we cannot deny the truth.

Often the insight gained by Swords comes through heavy thought, intuitive contemplation, and puzzle-solving. We don't suddenly get all the answers because a bunch of Spades shows up in our reading. Instead, the cards show us what's going on, and what needs to change! They depict the hours of anxiety the situation is causing us, shining a light on it so we can no longer keep it tucked away in the closet for no one to see. They show us our burden for what it is, often confirming what we already knew.

As I said earlier in the blog article about Wands, there is much debate over which suit; Swords, or Wands, belongs to which of the elements Air or Fire? I personally see Swords as belonging to Fire as they are created in fire, and like fire have the ability to help or harm depending on how they are used. Whichever way you see it, know that understanding the element itself will aid you in your understanding of the cards. Just as having a base understanding of numerology will. (Look for that blog series in March).

Swords come with repercussions! While they do not always represent high-speed, action adventures, they do all lead to a conclusion. When a reading is filled with blades you can expect to make difficult decisions; ones that will most likely at some point keep you up at night or cause your mind to be filled with anxiety. If such is the case do not hate the messenger, for more often than not they are simply showing us what we already know and have been avoiding. They come in to let us know for sure that we need to make some changes...

Here again, I would remind you that Swords are also about clarity and victory! I often find myself saying; particularly when talking about the Ace of Swords...'Victory through Action!'. This means all the hard work and discomfort of moving through the travesty of false illusions we have kept ourselves in; pretending things are ok, and will work out somehow, is worth it!

We must remember as we explore the Tarot that it is a tool designed to activate our subconscious mind. With this in mind keeping a Book of Shadows, or sacred journal is of utmost importance. Writing down our experiences, and interpretations help us gain a better understanding of our own subconscious mind, and how it works. Make sure to note how you feel as well as what you think, remembering that psychic input comes to us in many forms. It is also highly recommended that you take time to explore symbolism, through books on dream interpretation, the tarot, and other magical tomes. Broadening the language in which our psychic mind can communicate with us is a huge boon to anyone wanting to develop psychic knowing.

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