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Summertime & the livings easy

Living in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont where summer is a short-lived thing means you pack a whole lot of doing into a short period of time! While it's true that summer is easy in some ways it's also a time where my super-sonic squirrel powers are really put to the test.

I'm a prolific harvester! While I don't fashion myself a gardener; finding weeding and digging in the dirt horrifically unpleasant, I am a fantastic picker and preserver. I love to gather things from the wild, attend pick your own farms, and find great pleasure in making things out of these findings. It somehow activates an ancient part of my mind that knows the importance of putting things up, just as it triggers memories of Grammy Brown's kitchen when she was pickling, preserving, and making magic in her kitchen. This love of the preservation of goods adds another level of business to my already busy schedule, but the love of it overrides any hesitation I have in doing so.

Being a lover of campfires, ritual magic, and shamanic experiences I find myself year after year adding more and more retreats to my summer offerings; this summer I have 4 elemental retreats here at Solstice Meadow as well as 2 SACRED TRAVEL Retreats in which I will be offering weekend workshops in Pennsylvania & the Upper Pennisula of Michigan. These experiences are deeply fulfilling for me and those who attend, they are also points of doing along my summer map.

While these things are delightful they do fill in my summer schedule, taking up space between my regular office hours and chores of everyday life. This leaves me with little time for wasting, in which I have nothing on the schedule. Such time in which I have nothing scheduled becomes sacred. I find myself languishing in such moments like wading in a pool of rose quartz ocean water. These stolen experiences of quiet where I can sit and look at the wildflowers growing in the unmown lawn are precious! (We do not mow when the wildflowers are in bloom, choosing to experience their beauty while allowing the pollinators the opportunity to do so).

Today (or more accurately last night, Sunday 6/20 @ 11:31pm) is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Litha as it known in the Wheel of the Year (Celtic and Modern Pagan) is a time of celebration, a time of working hard and playing hard, as the hours of light are long and the earth is green and vibrant. The very nature of the Summer Solstice echos my personal story of fast-paced work and play, as I am sure you can relate. Between ballgames, weddings, camping, gardening, and all the other summertime activities we are burning our candles (or sparklers) at both ends. With this in mind, I invite you to slip deeply into the moments of quiet that you get. Spend time lying in your hammock, take an hour to sip iced-tea in your garden, wade in the shallow pool that sits on the edge of your property, be still in nature and recharge in the Solstice Sun.

Life is not meant to be used up, we are not meant to go every moment of the day, or to experience our life as a checklist moving from one thing to another in a progression of achievements. We are living in a time of Psychic Evolution in which our awareness is expanding rapidly. We need moments of quiet to explore this new way of experiencing the world/worlds of existence. When we do not take time to digest the things we are doing we inevitably reach a crash-point in which our physical being is too exhausted for us to keep up. NOTE TO SELF-We can't just rush back into the squirrel-on-crack speed racer summertime explorer mode. We need to have some slow-going time too. This does not mean you can't or won't go more than you do during any other season, because you most certainly will. What it means is we need to balance it with true downtime. I am successfully doing this so far. I am sitting in gardens drinking tea with friends, sitting in my sacred circle listening to the birds and the wind, I am lounging by campfires and singing to the water. I am finding time for balance, I hope you are too!

spreading love-salicrow




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