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Stories of Spirit…Undying Love [losing your other half]

A few years ago, my husband ended up in the ICU.  What was a relatively, minor problem, became pretty serious; after he was given inappropriate medication (while in the hospital).  We were lucky, and he is still here, among the living.  But during the episode; which was pretty sketchy, I had to look at the possibility of loosing him.  It was a real eye opener, showing me how much I depended on our relationship, as a keystone of my life.

As a Medium, I often meet with people who have lost their partners.  This kind of loss, is often so overwhelming; that people do not know where to start healing.  They feel a loss of direction, that permeates their being; for the story of their life has been spun around, sharing it with the one they love.  The silence, and vast emptiness, of loosing ones partner can be deafening; often making people feel as if they are drowning in their own sorrow.  For we miss the voice, the smell, and the energy, of our Beloved; in our homes & lives.   I have not personally, withstood this situation.  But I know it’s flavor, for I have felt it time and time again; through the experiences of the people I connect.  The losses are not just emotional; they are practical as well; for we no longer have a partner to share in the delegation of work within the home, the raising of children, and the paying of bills.  And, who wants to think about such things; when your heart has been torn out.  But, we must….

Many of my return clients, are people who have lost their spouses.  They come for one on one, Spirit Communication sessions, to visit with their partners.  What amazes me; is how much the Beloved Dead (partner who has crossed into Spirit), knows about the current events of their living spouse.  Often offering advice and guidance, before it is asked for.  It is an honor to hold space for such individuals, and a great joy to witness the depth of love shared between them.  It gives me faith, that our souls are connected, & that we do seek each other out beyond the veil.

When we have lost our Life Partner, we need time to adjust & heal.  But, we must also learn to continue living.  We need to understand, that our Beloved, is still there with us; even if we cannot see them, or feel them.  They are watching over us, trying in every way they can; to make contact, to let us know that they are still by our side.  They are encouraging us to move on with our lives; to continue being productive, caring members of society.  For, when we heal ourselves, they in turn can heal and become stronger Spirits.

I hope you enjoyed the read Folks, it’s a great big Universe out there…with many of mysteries to be unveiled.  We are so much more, then the body we inhabit.

spreading love-salicrow

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