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Stories of Spirit…The Mountain View Grand [a Halloween tale]

I worked at the Mountain View Grand in Whitefield, NH this Monday night.  I was hired by a housing agency to perform Rune Readings during their yearly conference.  Anyone who looks this hotel up on line will come across plenty of articles about it being haunted, although without serious digging it’s hard to get specifics…instead you get a lot of peoples stories about their stay there.  Well I was not there to do Spirit Communication, but I can attest that the place certainly does have it’s share of Spirits.  In fact the town of Whitefield itself has quite a few haunted places; I know this personally having grown up there.

When I arrived at the Mountain View Grand, I was directed to the upstairs ballroom.  I took a quick detour to the bathroom before introducing myself to the president of the housing agency; who hired me.  The Mountain View Grand is indeed Grand, it’s a pretty posh place with  a lot of charm.  As I washed my hands in the luxurious bathroom, checking out my outfit in the many mirrors…I saw a woman walk into the bathroom, when I turned to look at her I realized she was a Spirit.   I believe she was from the 1920’s.  The hem of her cream colored, beaded dress was just below her knees.  She wore a matching hat with a big brim, that was pinned up fashionably on one side.  She seemed shocked when I looked at her and said “Oh hi…I’m not here for you tonight.”  I finished up in the bathroom and met with my host, leaving the fashionable Spirit to ponder on me.

The upstairs hallway, just outside the Crystal Ballroom had so many Spirits in it that it felt a bit wobbly.  I call it wobbly as that many Spirits in one place creates a bit of a distortion, which makes the sensitive feel a bit light headed or tipsy.  As I was working and had not had anything to drink, I knew this for what it was.  But I am sure plenty of guests who imbibe there find it remarkable how quickly they become intoxicated.  I knew ahead of time that the resort was known to be haunted; having heard many stories.  What surprised me was the shear number of I encountered.  They decided to set me up in the lobby downstairs, in a comfortable corner that gave people a bit of privacy.  Throughout the night I was continually surprised by the number of Spirits mingling in the crowd.  I was not at all surprised however by the number of guest I read for who spoke to me of their own experiences of seeing & feeling Spirits in their rooms.

The Mountain View Grand shows up in many post about Haunted New Hampshire & you can find plenty of personal tales on line from guest who have stayed there.  Although in the short bit of digging I did, I couldn’t find any specific details about why it would be haunted.  I can tell you that the whole town of Whitefield has a strange energy.  Not a bad energy, just a bit of a time-warping kind of thing.  I speak this from the experience of growing up there.  I lived in Whitefield until I was 15 & I have always felt that it was a town that sits between time…a place where memories hold strong.  Perhaps that is why so many Spirits have taken  up residence at the Mountain View Grand, after all it was originally a place for the opulent to get away from the hustle bustle of the real world…the women & children often spending their summers there, waiting for their husbands to arrive; by train on Friday night…celebrating their arrival with a dance in the Crystal Ballroom.  I guess it would seem a bit like heaven to some, perhaps that is why they stay.  One thing I can tell you is if you are looking to experience a bit of Spirit action, the Mountain View Grand is definitely worth the stay & the Spirits are quite well dressed.

I  hope you enjoyed the read Folks, I will be sharing a bit of Spooky all week.  If your local or going to be in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont this weekend, check out my event on Facebook…Stories of Spirit-Tales for Halloween.  Tickets are available at the Grindstone Cafe in Lyndonville, VT.

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