Stories of Spirit…The Lost Child [bullying & suicide]


As a Medium, I have stood witness to the pain of childhood/adolescent suicide & I have communicated with many of these tender souls who came to the decision to take their own lives.  In my opinion, there is no death as painful as that of loosing a child.  No matter how many years pass, that loss still has the potency of an ice-pick through the heart.  When the child has passed due to emotional torment and overwhelming grief it often amplifies the pain that the entire family feels; for they feel that it was they not only lost their child/but failed at protecting them.

First I would like to say that Suicide does not damn the Soul to Hell.  I personally hate this piece of religious dogma, more then almost anything.   For the reality of it is the person who reaches the decision of suicide has already been experiencing Hell.  As a Medium, my experience has  shown that there is often a Time-Out period for souls who have died due to their own means, as they need to sit and reflect on their life & view how deeply they were loved by their family and friends.  But it is not a time of punishment, more so it is a time of reflection.  It is important to note that after crossing, the emotions of life are turned down a few notches, making their life experiences easier to review.  This and getting to see the perspective of all people involved; the ones who loved you dearly & the ones who created the damage…help the Soul to heal.

Second I would like to remind people of the saying “It takes a village to raise a child“.  We as parents are not the only influence on the lives of our children; no matter how loving and supportive we are.  I once did a Seance for a family whose child had recently taken their own life.  I was shocked when I began communicating, as the child had only been gone for a few months.  Normally, there is a longer period of Time-out needed for deep healing when suicide is involved.  The fact that the soul was able to communicate so quickly, showed me their strength & the rapid healing they had done.  The child I communicated with was a compassionate, beautiful soul, who took the time to write love letters to all the members of their family before ending their life.  They felt loved at home, but could not take the feeling of being ostracized by their peers any longer.  The constant ridicule had led them to believe that they were inherently flawed, that they would never fit in.  I have witnessed this too many times and truly believe that we all need to be part of the tribe!  When our tribe shuns us we wither.  I know this is a touchy subject; one that brings up deep emotions in many people.  But we need to talk about it Folks & we need to talk about the damage created by bullying.  These children who choose to end their lives because they cannot take anymore ridicule are not ‘weak’, they are not fragile or less then.  They are almost always, highly sensitive souls who take the insults and attacks of their peers seriously.  They often begin to believe that their really is something wrong with them.  But they are not the only ones who are suffering from lack of Tribe; the Bully also feels that disconnect.   Bullying is the act of a wounded, insecure person; no one becomes a bully because they are confident and empowered.

We need to see ourselves as Tribe, and take our role as a community a bit more seriously.   We need to connect to the people of our village; know our neighbors and take action where are children our concerned.  Not just the children born to us, but the children of our community.  Sometimes the simple act of acknowledging is all that is needed.  Saying hello to people, asking about their day.  Observing the way kids act toward each other & speaking up when it’s inappropriate.

We also need to take a serious look at the sensitivity of our wounded ones, many of these  kids are highly Empath