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Stories of Spirit…The Backyard Temple


This year I have noticed a great need among people to find a personal connection with the Divine, to feel the bond that we as a people could have & should have with the world around us.  I believe the desire for personal connection is there no matter how we see God.  I personally see God/Goddess in everything & have a great respect for peoples individual right to find the face of God in whatever way fits them.  I know that that we are all connected and that the silly rules of religion that keep us separate are just that…silly.  I am constantly encountering people searching for the way/a way to feel that bond; a personal bond.  It’s not as hard as it might seem, for I believe the Creator is not half as judgmental as man would have us believe.  After all…why create so many people and give them free will if you expected them all to step into place and be just like the one next to them.  I guess that is why church never really fit for me.  Not because I didn’t love God/Goddess, but because I am not that good at following the rules of Normal.  And I have always, since childhood talked to God myself instead of asking someone the right way to do it.



spreading love-salicrow

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