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Stories of Spirit…Telephone Messages from the Dead

Thanks to television I am often asked how I feel about approaching the Living for their Beloved Dead.  My answer never wavers…I will not do it.  I have very strong beliefs that it is not my place to decide if a person is ready to hear from their loved ones in Spirit.  Spirit Communication is emotional even when planned, it is not something that should be sprung on unsuspecting people in the grocery store, post office or farmers market.  When a Living person calls me to schedule a Spirit Communication session, they are preparing themselves for the interaction.  At the time of the communication, the individual Spirits requested have the choice of showing up or not.  That is why I tell people that I guarantee someone comes through for everyone, but cannot guarantee who comes through.

I find that Spirits are like the Living are clever and soon find a way around the obstacles put in front of them.  And so the Story goes-

I had just finished doing a Seance for a group of people when one of them asked me “How do Spirits get you to communicate with their Living?”  My answer was simple “They need to convince their Living to call me”.  I am a firm believer that we all sense the Spirits of the ones we love, even if we do not understand it & that with enough energy Spirits can influence us even if we don’t know it’s them.  2 weeks after my conversation about Spirits seeking contact I had a family come to my cottage for a Seance.  At the end of the Seance the woman who had arranged it wanted to share the story of how she had heard about me. She had received an unusual message on her cell phone; a call intended for someone else.  The message was from a woman talking to her friend about going to a Seance with me, the caller went on to talk about how incredible it was and how much it had meant to her to hear from her loved ones in Spirit.  Receiving the message accidentally was quite profound for my client as she had recently lost someone dear to her.  It made her wonder whether her Beloved Dead was trying to communicate with her.  Then a few days later she had another misdirected message on her cell phone…this time from the person the first message had been intended for.  The second message was a return to the first call, a friend getting back to a friend in reply to the message about Spirit Communication….this is where it gets interesting-The second woman; returning the message to the first had also been to see me.  She answered her friends message by telling her how she too had been to see me and how amazing she thought it was.

Moments like this show me just how much effort Spirits will put into connecting.  Digital devices and the wonder of WiFi is not lost on the Dead.  They use it if they can.  In this case they had managed to record both messages on the phone of their loved one, while making sure the people they were intended for also received them.  This is not the only time a person has contacted me thanks to messages left by the Dead on their cell phones.  I have also had a client who received a text message from me telling them to give me a call.  I cannot explain just how they do it, but I do know that they find electronic devices fairly easy.  Most people I talk to have had instances in their homes with remote controls, electronic toys and cell phones.  I love the cleverness and determination they exhibit in reaching out to their Living loved ones.  Well, I hope you enjoyed the Read folks…

spreading love-salicrow

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