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Stories of Spirit…Spirits Among Us

Spirit Orbs on the Morning before Halloween.

Spirit Orbs on the Morning before Halloween

Mornings are magical for me & a lot of inspiration happens around my first cup of coffee in the morning.  This morning was no exception.  As I stood staring out my kitchen window; patiently brewing the elixir of the gods, the sky did an amazing little dance.  The dark clouds broke and a truly glorious beam of sunlight broke through the morning horizon to shine directly in my face.  I was truly moved by the break through of such intense light in such a cloudy, dark sky & ran out my front door to capture it the best I can with the camera on my phone.  I was not surprised when I saw the picture held orbs.  Orbs or light patterns that show up on pictures are often Spirits making themselves known.  As a Medium I see the Spirits every day, but am still always pleasantly surprised when I get to capture them in a picture.

As a Druid I see moments like this as powerful & the breaking light in the darkness hit me square in the mind with a moment of Awen (the Spirit of Creativity).  Halloween/Samhain is a time of inspiration; a time where our imaginations are so ripe that we cannot help but begin our journey to self that Winter holds for us.  It is a time when we are truly surrounded by our Ancestors and connected to the journey that we share as a collective group of souls.  For our path upon this planet is directly entwined with the threads of our family members who have passed before us.  If not for their choices we would not be sitting at this very spot in the tapestry of life.  Without the guidance of my Grammy Brown I may not be sitting here writing to you about the Spirit World and my life as a Medium.  Without my Father/Richard Brown & his amazing Charisma, I may not be comfortable gathering with groups of people night after night; connecting them with their Beloved Dead.  Without my Spirit-guide Adam, I may never have had the confidence needed to tell people the things that the Spirits tell me.  Without my friend Mike, I never would have been brave enough to do things I was not perfect at….When talking about my Ancestors, I do not just see my biological family members.  I see the friends and loved ones who influenced me in life and still influence me in death.

This time of darkness when winter sets in and our minds gently take us inward, is important.  It is healing and regenerative…giving us time to remember & to dream.  Tonight, tomorrow or the next night-in this window of Samhain (summers end)/Halloween take the time to think about your own path and the relatives and friends who influenced you.  The Ancestors who have passed into Spirit who’s lives and nature you choose to emulate.  Think on the ones who taught you what ‘not to do’, and the ones that truly showed you what it meant to be alive.  Not all of our Ancestors were Wise-ones, but every soul in it’s own way is a Wisdom Holder.  Take a bit of time this weekend to honor those who have helped weave the tapestry which you call life & remember…You are not alone!  Your Ancestors are with you, supporting you and influencing you in whatever way they can.  Sit quietly and remember, ask them to join you for a Halloween treat & allow them to show you they are with you in whatever way they can.  Often the easiest communication is a smell or just the simple feeling of ‘knowing’ they are there beside you.  Dreams & quick flashes of shadow in the corner of your eye are also ways that Spirit presents itself.

Well I am off to get ready for a weekend of celebrating the Dead.  I hope you all have a Spirit-filled Samhain & a Happy Halloween!  Thanks for reading Folks…stay safe & have a spooktacular good time.

spreading love-salicrow

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