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Stories of Spirit…I Heard it on the Radio [Spirits communicating through music]

We are all seeking personal contact with our Beloved Dead; wanting a real experience, had without the aid of a Medium.  As moving as it is to receive messages from a professional Medium, there is something magical about having personal contact.  It shows us that we are not alone in the Universe and proves that our loved ones are watching over us.  One of the most common ways for Spirits to reach out to their Living is through music, utilizing songs on the radio to catch our attention.  This contact usually results in a deeply personal, emotional experience for the living.

It is common for me to hear from Spirits, during Seances that they communicate with their loved ones through music.  It is also common for this information to bring the Living to tears, as they emphatically agree that they have felt their Beloved Dead while listening to the radio.  I would like to explain how this works, as I believe it important to have a clear mind in ones dealings with Spirit Communication.

First of all…Spirits do not make the DJ play your special song, at just the right moment.  Well-OK, I am sure there are a few random cases where this does happen.  But more often then not it is a lot more simple.  Our Beloved Dead generally spend a great deal of time with us.  They watch us and know our patterns, specially the ones that are routine; like traveling back and fourth to work, cleaning the house and such.  In watching these routines they notice when we are the most relaxed, chilling out, & open.  Music has a way of creating this effect on most of us.  If we are listening to music we enjoy it creates a sense of well being, allowing us to shake off some of our every day stresses.  Most of us listen to music throughout the day…in our cars, puttering around the house, while working.  These moments of relaxation while actively doing something are prime times to communicate.

Making a DJ play a special song for you, or messing with your electronics to have our tune come up is hard work.  Instead Spirits generally go for the easier approach of throwing their energy at us.  If a special song comes on the radio, our Beloved Dead projects their energy at your Heart Chakra creating a sense of longing and remembrance.  This feeling combined with the music we are listening to, brings our loved one to mind & allows us to feel their presence.   The more that we acknowledge these experiences as real visitations, the more visitations of the sort we will have.  Remember it is easier for our Beloved Dead to sense us (see/hear/feel), then it is for us to sense them.  They know if we connect with the message they are trying to send us.  If they see that we respond to their attempts they will keep doing the same thing.  If we do not respond, they may direct their efforts into other ways of communicating.

Every moment of the day has the possibility of being Sacred & Spirit filled.  Our Beloved Dead are still connected to us and are working hard on helping us to feel them.  They do this for healing; for the loved ones they have left behind and themselves.  They also do it to help us evolve.  As a people we are changing; becoming more Intuitive.  Evolution is hard and waking up to stronger empathy (feeling the emotions of others) can be overwhelming.  Part of this process includes becoming more aware of other beings…Spirits, Nature Beings, etc.   Many of our loved ones who have crossed into Spirit are working diligently to help us with this process.   Acknowledging their presence when we feel it is the first step.

My suggestion is to get yourself a journal and keep track of the ways in which you feel/sense Spirit.  It will help you to understand the ways in which your Beloved Dead are personally reaching out to you.  Like anything…Practice makes Perfect.  I hope you have enjoyed the read Folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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