Stories of Spirit…Healing the Spirit of War [a Veterans Tale]


My father found his way to healing through interaction with the Spirit world.  My abilities as a Medium come through his bloodline & I always knew he had the gift as well; even if he preferred not to acknowledge it.  He hid from the Spirit world, mostly out of fear of who he would see.  As a soldier, he had killed many people and those deaths weighed heavy on his soul.  Much heavier then the atrocities he had seen committed by others.


As a general rule, I am opposed to War… I see it as a money-eating, soul-destroying machine.  That being said, I have complete support and respect for the men & women who make the sacrifice of serving.  The taking of another’s life in War is not the same as Murder.  On a soul level when someone commits Murder, they create a deep karmic riff between themselves and their victim.  In War, a soldier is simply trying to survive and keep their companions alive.  There is no deep-personal hatred between individual soldiers of apposing forces.  I have spoken to many Spirits who were wounded or killed in war.  They are not holding hatred toward the one who slayed them.  In fact they most often do not think about the individual soldier that took their life.  For in fact, they would have just as easily taken the life of the other if they had been the lucky one.

*photo Stahr Cabral