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Stories of Spirit…Elm Street [living in a haunted house]

I lived in a haunted house when I was a kid, & yes it truly was on Elm Street.  It was a very large house that had been turned into a duplex with 2 large apartments that were attached; one in the front/one in the back.  From outside perspective this was a fantastic house; my family rented the apartment on the back & close family friends of ours rented the apartment on the front.  Their were doors between the 2 apartments that made it so we could go over to our friends house without going outside.  The back apartment (the one we lived in) was also attached to a very large barn.  My parents did not know it was haunted when they decided it would make a great home, they just saw the nice yard, the beautiful 2 story apartment & the convenience of living so close to friends.

Shortly after moving into the apartment we noticed that the room off my parents bedroom was pretty much uninhabitable.  Being attached to the barn it was always ice cold; like walking into an icebox.  The coldness of this room did not go away in summer, it was always cold.  My parents started hearing stories about the house.  How the owner; a retired undertaker, had hung himself from the rafters in the barn.  They also started hearing stories from previous tenants about weird happenings in the home…such as hand prints on bathroom mirrors and noises in the hall.

I have always been sensitive to Spirit; having been a Natural Medium since birth.  I was afraid of the house from the start.  My sisters and I had bedrooms upstairs; they shared one & I had my own; being the oldest child.  My room was not a safe haven for me.  In fact I hated going upstairs, often seeing things out of the corner of my eye and in the bathroom mirror.  I learned how to control a safe zone space for myself.   When I had to spend awake time in my room by myself I hid out in the closet.  It had a light in it, so I would sit and read books in the tiny space.  Some how without ever being taught I knew how to keep Spirits out of my space; granted it was a very small space.  I felt that as long as I was in the closet I was able to keep the Spirit out.  When bedtime came I would run and jump into my bed; an old cast iron framed beauty that my Grammy Brown had gifted me.  I believed, like the closet that as long as I was in my bed the Spirit living in the house could not get to me.  Again I had learned to protect myself; creating a magical barrier of protection surrounding my bed.  I made sure to keep my eyes shut tight as I didn’t want to accidentally see him.  The upstairs of my house always seemed more scary, perhaps it was because my parents hardly went up there & the Spirit in the house was attracted to me and my sister Sandy when we were alone.  All I know is that when I did see him, he was grumpy and unpleasant.

The house on Elm Street was so spooky that we eventually moved out…after my mother fell down the steps; almost ripping her finger off; as her wedding band caught on a smooth banister.  That and the gas leak in the house that couldn’t be found, after multiple inspections.  The experiences of that house were plentiful…things like my sister passing out at the top of the steps, me having no recollection of certain rooms of the house (as in-when the family later described part of the house I did not remember certain rooms being there).

Our friends stayed living in the front of the house; having little action from Spirits, so we would occasionally go over to visit them.  Years later when visiting our friends, the kids showed us a hidden room in the barn.  From inside the barn you would never know it existed, but from the back side of the barn you could climb in a tiny window (anyone over 100 lbs probably couldn’t climb through).  You needed to stand on a chair or someones back to get up to the window, then jimmy yourself through (convenient that one of the kids was named Jimmy).  Once inside the room creepy hit a high point.  It was filled with furniture and personal possessions belonging to the old undertaker; whose business had been in the house and barn.  After his death someone had barricaded his belongings in this little room & gone to the effort of covering the door with a wall in the barn.  This room would  have been right next door to the Ice-box room that attached to my parents bedroom.

I did not stay in the forgotten room for long, as it made me kind of sick.  Being sick to my stomach was a natural response for me as a child when my Psychic ability was being triggered.  I found myself knowing what the man looked like, I knew he was a very depressed & angry man who drank a lot of dark liquor.  I also knew he had been mean to his family and that they did not mourn his passing.

I will always remember that house.  As an adult & Medium fully in my power I sometimes think about how I would have handled the situation differently if I had been called there as I am now.  Every great now & then I will find myself drawn to that house.  I will drive by when working or visiting the area & I will wonder how the people living there get by.  For I still feel his presence when I drive by…all these years later he is still there, haunting the place with his mean spirit.

I hope you have enjoyed the read Folks.  I do have a few good Spooky ones, that I have gathered over the years.  If you like a bit of Spooky.  Make sure to check out my event “Stories of Spirit…Halloween Tales” at the Grindstone Cafe in Lyndonville, VT on Saturday, October 24th.  It is part of a full day celebration/The Grindstone Cafe’s Spooktacular Halloween Party.  The day long event @ the Grindstone is free, Stories of Spirit…Tales for Halloween; is $25 per guest.  I will be telling some of my spookiest tales and then finishing the evening by passing Messages from Spirit to 3 Lucky Guest.  Details are listed on both my professional Facebook page, Salicrow, Psychic Medium & on the Grindstone Cafe’s Facebook page.  I hope you can join me for this fun Halloween event.

spreading love-salicrow

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