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Stories of Spirit…catching a ride

When doing Spirit Communication I never check in ahead of time to see who I will be meeting with.  I make the appointment and do not think about it until I get in my car and head out, & even then I am not checking in with the Spirits until I reach my destination and start the Seance.  I have noticed over the years that when I do return visits to families that have already participated in Spirit Communication with me that their Spirits often catch a ride with me.  Usually when I am about 1/2 hour out from my destination I will notice that I have a passenger in the car.  They do not try talking to me before their appointment, but like sitting in a waiting room…they are telling me they are there and ready when I am.  As I have said working/existing with Spirit has been the story of my life, so I accept their presence and continue with my own thoughts as I travel.

One day I was going to do a Seance in Central VT.  I put the address in my GPS and headed out, not thinking about where I was going and who I was going to encounter.  About 1/2 hour from my destination a familiar Spirit took a seat in my car.  It was the Spirit of a teenage boy I had encountered a few times before, first at his Aunts house and the 2nd @ his parents house.  As I got closer to my destination it looked familiar and I was pretty sure I was going to his parents house.  However before I got to his parents house my GPS stopped me.  I looked at my passenger confused-“What are you doing here?  This is not your house.”  He just smiled.  Soon the front door opened and a women I had never met before greeted me.  I was still confused as I had no idea why this boy was with me.  I thought that perhaps he just stepped in because I was in his neighborhood.  When I walked in the house, I started laughing…there in front of me was his mother.  She was friends with the women hosting the Seance and had decided to join so she could visit with her son again.  I quickly told his mother that she had nothing to worry about, that I had no doubt her son would be joining us as he had been along for the ride for the last 1/2 hour.

This young man is among the many who ride with me to work, but he will always hold a special spot in my story telling.  He could have told me at anytime that his Mom would be at the Seance, but instead he sat quietly in the waiting room of my car…waiting to give me a surprise.  It never fails to amaze me how real & personable Spirits are.  Some Spirits are sarcastic, some humorous, some sentimental and some even grouchy.  Remember like those of us Embodied Spirits, the Spirits of the Dead are individuals with quirks and personalities all their own.  I hope you have enjoyed the read folk.

spreading love-salicrow

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