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Stories of Spirit…Beloved Dead-why the stay connected

Last winter I did a Seance for a family who had lost their husband/father to cancer.  He was a pivotal part of their family and his ladies were really struggling with the loss of  him.  Last week I returned to the same family for another Seance.   I felt him join me in my jeep as I started onto the dirt roads that led to his house & I remembered how he had given me a short cut after my  first visit that saved me a bunch of time.  As I listened to music, expecting that he like my other car visitors would sit quietly in the waiting room of my Jeep until I arrived at his home….Not this Spirit.

Driving along I hear him say “At least you got a good Rig for the roads”.  Which is true, I drive a jeep as my job takes me on many of back roads.  It was quiet for a bit and then I started wondering what made certain Spirits come back more then others for communication.  Sure enough he couldn’t miss the opportunity to share his thoughts on the subject.  “Contact” he said “I am not ready to give up contact with the ones I love who need me”.  I had to laugh because just as he said that the song “Contact” by Citizen Cope started playing.  Oh the synchronicity of the universe.  He went on to share that he was not ready to let go of the world of the living just yet.  He was not suffering, but more so he was was interested in remaining a part of his family and helping them heal.  He like many other Spirits who are return visitors seem to be busy watching over their loved ones.   They become Guardian Spirits of a type for their living family.  When I connect them to their loved ones for communication, they often come through with advice on current problems the family is facing.  Wanting to let them know that they are aware of the trials the family faces, and have something to contribute to the problem solving.  Some of them are so good at advice that their families seek them out regularly…either annually or a couple of times a year to check in and see what they have to say.  I like to point out to people that the person your loved one was in life is the same person they are dead.  If they were wise in life, they will be wise in death…if they were not so wise in life, I would refrain from taking advice from them in Spirit.

Many cultures including the Celts and Native Americans would seek their Ancestors in Spirit out when counsel was needed.  They would gather together in ceremony and welcome in the Spirits of their Ancestors, particularly the Spirits of their Chiefs and Medicine Men & Women.  They knew that these souls of their wise leaders were watching and would have something valuable to contribute to problem solving.  They know that their Beloved Dead remains in contact, even though they were separated from the world of the living.  The reasons for continuing to stay in contact are many, but I believe the bottom line comes down to love.  Love of family, love of community, love of a people.  Know that in your time of need; when you are feeling low, you are not alone.  Your loved ones are watching over you trying to get a message back.  They chooseI hope you enjoyed the read folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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