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STICK SEASON...Entering the Darkness

Winter is coming! Here in Vermont the trees have lost their leaves, the ground is frozen, and the sky is seasonably gray most of the time. The temperature drops at night; often offering a sprinkling of snow on the ground each morning, making the start of the day both dark and chilly. By mid-morning, the warming sun has melted off the snow, creating a near constant fog, adding to the trance-like state the season offers. Stick Season is easiest to experience in areas where seasons change, however the energy that preludes the holidays is generally a time of going deep; regardless of whether the sun shines bright or hides deep in the shadow and mist.

I love this season of darkness, when others are eagerly await the return of the sun. I find the feeling of magical anticipation that comes with the shadow a delightful invitation to slow down, take a long bath, and journey within. It is the deep sigh after the long preparation for winter, a time when we pause and go slow before the holidays get us hustling again. It is also a time heavily steeped in spirit!

Stick Season generally encompasses the month of November and early December here in the Northeast.

Following in the wake of Halloween (Samhain) Stick Season is a time of Betwixt & Between, in which the veil between the worlds is thin. This is not surprising, as Astronomical Samhain; aligns with the rising of the Pleiades Constellation, and the beginning of the time of year ruled by the moon. Astronomical Samhain takes place between November 6-8th when the sun is at 15* Scorpio. The Pleiades; also known as The Seven Sisters, Freyja's Hens, and a handful of other names throughout various cultures, was sacred to the Celts; who believed it to be a time of mourning and remembering the dead.

November is a powerful month for me on a personal level, with my greatest spiritual opening to-date taking place in the month of November; something I wrote about in my book JUMP GIRL, The Initiation and Art of a Spirit Speaker. Many of us feel this pull toward our Beloved Dead in the time of darkness between Halloween & the Winter Solstice celebrations. Whether it be due to the alignment of the Pleiades or the influence of all the holiday celebrations making us yearn for family is irrelivant. The truth is we feel the pull!


I first came across Salicrow through Gaia and decided to get a reading from her a few years ago...amazing experience. Afterward I bought this book and have since then slowly made my way through it. Not only is it beautiful the way she lays it all on the line with her story and vulnerability, but in doing so she also connected with my own experiences in such a deep way that many times I could only emotionally handle reading small parts at a time. This was one of the most enjoyable reads Ive ever had, and I'm so grateful to Salicrow for writing it and being brave enough to share it. I never leave reviews...but this book deserves it. (Cole Harkless)

Buy it here-

This time of leaf-bare trees and frosted ground is also a great time for reconnecting with ourselves on a soul level; perfect for divination & journeywork focused on our becoming. It is the slow step down into the earth as we prepare for the semi-hybernation of winter.

Think of this time; as we enter the darkness, as a time of preparation in which we focus our thoughts on that which we want to bring into our lives. Knowing that these precious weeksin November, are the perfect time for going deep into our consciousness, in search of that which we are calling into our lives. Spend time in meditation, light candles, soak in the tub, listen to shamanic drumming or bianural beats while you do so; allowing their trance inducing rythems to guide you. Pull out your Oracle and Tarot cards and have a look at what the winter months have in store. This is an oppertunity to spend quality time with yourself, planning your own becoming!

As for me...I have finally gotten through a 6-month stint of constant going! Since my third book SPIRIT SPEAKER, A Medium's Guide to Death & Dying, came out in April I have been on the run with podcast interviews, planning The Witches Ball, and my regular work-a-day life as a Psychic Medium. Throw into that mix a family trip to Ireland, an unexpected emergency trip to Portland Oregon; where I sat in a hotel for a week, while my son recovered from an unexpected surgery, and was a busy 6 months. Now I am happy to be back to my regularly scheduled life of Psychic Readings, Spirit Communication, and Writing. (I currently have two books I am working on, with hopes of getting them to the publisher this winter). In that mix I plan to sprinkle geneyrously a helping of drum circles, outdoor winter fires, trips to my favorite nature spots, and magic of one kind or another!

For those of you looking for something spirited to do with your time I have included this simple ritual that can be done solitary or with a group.


YOU WILL NEED- Divination cards of your choosing (oracle or tarot), incense, candle, music (spotify, apple, youtube), your Book of Shadows (sacred journal), a mason jar & lid, a set of battery operated string lights, a piece of paper & pen, a small bough of evergreen needles (balsam, spruce, pine), small crystal of your choice, string or ribbon, colored sharpies, or acrylic paint, and any other charms or personal magical talismans you would like to add.

  1. Begin by creating sacred space, setting up a working altar for your magical crafting. Add music that helps with shifting your consciousness. I recommend Shamanic Drumming, and Bianural Beats. Placing all of your bits and bobs on the table, light the incense and candle, and welcome in your spiritual allies (spirit guides, ancestors, elementals, and dieties).

  2. Make a list of the things you would like to focus on this winter, writing each thought as a single word (ie-More time for friends becomes...Friends), tearing off each item as a seperate piece of paper.

  3. Pull 3 card (Oracle or Tarot)- one each for your head, your heart, and your hand. What does my mind need? What does my heart need? and What do I need to do (hands)? Writing each on a piece of paper like the focus words from #2.

  4. Decorate the outside of your spell jar with holdiay art, and sacred symbols; with sharpies or paint, making sure to leave room for light to shine through.

  5. Place the pieces of paper with your intentions into the jar, add Evergreen needles, crystals, and charms as you see fit.

  6. Add your battery operated string lights, and seal the jar. (if your battery dies, it is ok to open it up and change the battery. Most string lights come with extras).

  7. Place your spell jar on your altar where you will see it often. Each time you do, take a moment to send energy to your dreams.

  8. Write about your working in your Book of Shadows.

May the darkness be a balm for your soul, and the returning light be magic in the making!

spreading love-salicrow


The WINTER WITCH'S Psychic Soiree

Friday, December 8th 4-7:45pm

Spirit Gallery 8pm-9pm

Psychic Readings, Energy Healing, Magical Vendors,

Sparkle and Shine Baby! Sparkle & Shine!

Part of the townwide holiday celebration- ST. JAY SPARKLES

The Holiday Season is a time for celebrating family and friends, and giving thanks for life’s blessings. This holiday season I would like to give thanks to my local community for your years of support by helping you to connect with your Beloved Dead!

FAMILY SÉANCE, Holiday Special- I am opening selected dates in my schedule during November and December for Family Seances. Family Seances are 1 hour Spirit Communication sessions focused on connecting with shared loved ones. This is the perfect time to come together as a group to communicate with beloved family &friends.

Sessions are located in the large gathering room at Salicrow’s studio,

301 Pearl Street, Suite 102, St. Johnsbury, VT. 05819

A comfortable environment, filled with close friends and family helps make this a

heart-opening, spirited event.

*Time and Space are limited, as Salicrow opened these dates just for you!

*Family/Group should be focused on connecting with shared loved ones.

*Suitable for Groups up to 8 people

*All sessions are in person, at Salicrow’s studio in Downtown St. Johnsbury, VT

*All sessions may be recorded

Thank you all for your years of support! I appreciate you, and wish you and yours the happiest of holidays!


I have had the pleasure of collaborating on two jewelry collections with magical artisan jeweler ALEX LOZIER. The stones of each collection were chosen for their magical properties, and each piece is energetically infused to be both adornment and magical talisman!

(For those of you who don't know, Alex has apprenticed with me in magical studies.)

You can find my collections here, as well as many other magically delightful pieces.

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