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steering the Chariot

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

The Chariot is card 7 of the Major Arcana; in truth, it's really card 8, as the Fool begins our journey as card 0. It is a card of stability, growth, and accomplishment with the driver being so intuned with his purpose that he does not need to use the reins; steering through the power of his mind and the direction of his wand. The Chariot comes after we have gathered our tools as the Magician, dedicated ourselves as the High Priestess, and activated our connection to source through the Lovers. Having come this far in our development we are now ready to turn up the speed!

The valiant warrior crowned in victory and parading their might, the charioteer stands tall, showing they are ready for action. When the Chariot shows up in a reading it is stating that you are prepared, and able to handle the challenges ahead. This is a card of strength and willpower! The black and white sphinx (in the original Rider Waite deck), or horses represent duality, and choices, showing the way is determined by the driver alone, and that the power of one's mind is paramount. In readings, this shows we are ultimately the ones steering the way to our goals, and therefore we must be centered and in control to reach our goal; something that is well within our potential, as portraited through the confidence of stature and facial expression of the rider.


Numbered card seven in the Major Arcana, The Chariot shows the confidence that comes from a deep connection with god/goddess/higher power. In numerology seven is a number associated with contemplating 'God', and the need to find a deeper meaning in life. While displayed as a victorious display of power (often seen as a warrior in a victory parade) the body language shows that this is not just some brute who's good with a weapon, instead we see a confident leader, who contemplates reality. This is important, as it shows us that our success is not determined by physical prowess alone, but instead requires us to think bigger, look at the whole picture, and question our very existence. Success as seen through the Chariot comes from using all of our resources, including our spiritual faith.

For most people getting a reading, The Chariot represents a sturdy foundation, earned through the quarent's (the person getting the reading) hard work, and clever thinking. It shows up as a reminder that we must continue to work hard and think through their obstacles, but the way before them looks clear when we continue to pay attention to the road ahead, as well as reminding us we need to stay connected to a higher power.

For the spiritual seeker, The Chariot can have a deeper meaning, one that reminds us we are following a path we have planned; either in this life or another. It asks us to use all of our resources, that in making our plans we must consult our higher self, guides, and gods, as we are working through lessons connected to our soul's work. This is where I usually meet The Chariot! It shows up when I am working through karmic lessons or interacting with something that is bigger than me alone. It reminds me that I am the driver of the vehicle, and therefore I am in control; which means I need to keep my thoughts focused on the outcome I am seeking. This brings in the quantum 'what we think we draw to us' philosophy of co-creating our existence.

While many have pointed out that we are living in 'Tower times', referring to The Tower card of the Major Arcana (we will get there later in this series); which speaks of unexpected crisis, danger, and liberation, few have pointed out how useful The Chariot is in these times. The Chariot is the perfect vehicle for 'Tower Times', as it reminds us that while we may not know the way in front of us, we hold the skill, knowledge, and connected intuition to maneuver the path in front of us. If you are struggling with the changes being thrown at you remember you are the charioteer, and you hold within you that which is necessary to survive and thrive!

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