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Springtide is upon us...

While the Spring Equinox may mark the turning of the seasons and the official astronomical event known as spring, it is not until Beltaine on May 1st that the true essence of the season is upon us here in the North. The time leading up to May Day (another name for Beltaine) for me is always one of preparation, in which I prepare both myself and the land for the quickening of the earth.

With the help of the Wyrd Weavers (my apprentices), the land at Solstice Meadow was tidied up a bit; the winter fire pit that offered up so much warmth during our winter gatherings was raked, woodpiles were stacked more neatly, the clubhouse was put back in order after many months of just dropping stuff there, and the many altars of the land were given a good cleaning off. While there is still much work to do, the feeling of Springtide is on us!

As it turned out, I have done most of the tending of the fairy wood myself thus up downed branches I prepared a small fire, lit an abundance of incense, and offered up sacred water (a combination of water from my sacred well, water from Lake Willoughby, and water from the Ammounousuc River) to the otherworldly beings by pouring it into the Fairy Well. After lighting my fire I called in my spirit allies (ancestors, guides, deities, and elemental beings) and began to sing. I gave thanks for all that the land has provided for me over the years, and for all that it will continue to provide. I sang prayers of fertility and abundance for the land, and I sang my prayers of rain; as this has been one of the driest Aprils I can remember.

While we did not get any rain, a few days later it began to snow. As the fluffy whiteness settled onto Nagini, the Stone Snake (a geomantic earth temple in my front yard), I gave thanks. I knew the land needed this more than I needed another sunny day. 'Poorman's fertilizer'; as the early spring snow is often called, offers protection to new growth from cold temperatures and wind, and a noticeable greening to the grass when it has parted. It is also a great spell component; as it carries the essence of protection within it.

Leave a bowl out during late spring snow, melt the snow, and bottle it for use with any protection spell, don't forget to label it and make note of it in your book of shadows. Collecting spell components for later use is highly recommended. Before you know it you will have a fully stocked magical cupboard!

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