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Sensitives, Seekers, and Seers

When I was a girl one of the common adjectives used to describe me was 'sensitive'. While my parents may not have been using the word to describe my heightened psychic awareness, my grandmother certainly was. When I was eight years old I remember hearing my grandmother tell my sister Sandy not to give me a hard time (emotionally) or I may have a nervous breakdown. I had no idea what that was, but I was pretty sure I didnt want it to happen, and I knew that it somehow referred to my over sensitivity to emotional stimulus. I cried a lot as a kid, and in truth I still cry a lot and often refer to myself as a wet-responder, as my natural response to most emotional situations is to cry!

Over time I realized that being emotionally sensitive meant I was empathic; that I was capable of feeling the emotions of others, or more accurately unable to not feel the them. In highly charged moments of the heart I was being bombarded by not only my own thoughts and feelings, but that of everyone else in the room. SOUND FAMILIAR?

While I created some simple techniques or distractions;like swallowing when emotions came up, to help me at least appear more emotionally balanced the things I was doing were more often then not just side-stepping the issue. I didn't stop feeling the emotions as if they were mine, just because I swallowed them, I simply stopped showing others I was doing so. It wasn't until I was in my early twenties, and using my psychic abilities to read cards for the public that I recognized that my emotional sensitivity and my ability to see the unseen world were one in the same.

Empathy is a super power! To be empathic means that we have a heightened sense of knowing. It is the first psychic-door to open on the way to developing intuition, and it is something being experienced on a mass scale at this time in history. As a species we humans are going through a PSYCHIC EVOLUTION! Empaths sense the emotions and often physical discomforts of others they are around. This happens most often when we are physically in the same location, but for an empath with heightened awareness the sensing of another emotions may happen when on the phone, playing an online video game, during a zoom conference or even through texting. Learning how to navigate the in's and out's of whats yours and whats someone else's and how to center yourself as your consciousness expands can be daunting, but once you get the hang of it being Empathic often enhances the quality of one's life; allowing us to sense the emotions of others for better understanding.

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Many who Identify as Empaths also experience life through the enhanced lens of a 'SEER'; which means they have the ability to perceive the unseen world. In truth the word 'seer' is an understatement that leads many to believe one must truly 'see' into the world of spirit or the unknown (past/present/future), when in fact it means one has the ability to perceive that which is hidden. That perception can come in many forms, such as seeing, hearing, sensing, and knowing. In my experience I perceive with all of my senses, often finding the world to be a highly communicative place of enhanced sounds, scents, sights, and knowing. Learning to navigate those skills as they develop can be frustrating, but fortunately we are living in changing times where books, videos and teachers are available to help us understand this evolving landscape.

Keeping a Book of Shadows (spiritual journal) of our experiences is one of the best ways to track our spiritual growth, and make sense of our personal symbolism; as the universe often communicates through symbols, and visions. Dream interpretation books and web pages on symbolism are helpful when it comes to deciphering what we experience, but its more important that we ask ourselves what we feel and think when presented with input from the collective consciousness, divine, spirit guides and our higher self. Keeping notes and reviewing them is one of the most important thing a developing seer can do!

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Not everyone who is presented with a heightened sensitivity or psychic knowing has a desire to develop their gifts. Those who do are known as spiritual 'SEEKERS'. Adventurers in their own right the 'spiritual seeker' is one who chooses to go deeper into themselves, directed by a desire to be more; more alive, more aware, more connected, they push forward exploring their own wounding and accomplishments that they may know themselves better and therefore know the world around them better. I have always been a 'Seeker', devoting my life to pushing the boundaries of my consciousness and exploring the depth of my soul.

The path of the 'Seeker' is not a one path destination, there are many paths to finding ones soul purpose. Being true to yourself is the only real requirement for following the path of the seeker. It does require bravery, as more often then not we are asked to look into the darkest corners of our soul in order to retrieve our personal power, and wisdom...but it's worth it! The joy in life one gets from truly knowing themselves is priceless; regardless whether if it comes with psychic gifts or not.

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spreading love-


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