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SACRED TRAVEL…Stone Circles, Crystal Grids & Spell Work

Sitting on the edge of the Autumn Equinox I find myself reflecting on the magic of Summer and how 3 months can slip by so quickly.  It seems only last week I was celebrating the zenith of the Solstice sun, and now I am admiring the of turning leaves.  Over the next few weeks, I will share tales I was too busy to tell during the hubbub & sunshine.

The Awen Stone Circle w/Christopher Berg of Green Heart Farm

My summer was filled with unexpected, last-minute plans that placed me exactly where I needed to be at precisely the right time.  It started with having nothing scheduled for the Summer Solstice.  This alone was unusual as it was the first time in 22 years that I did not have ‘big plans’ for the holiday.  For 20 years I hosted a Medieval Costume party on the Solstice, and last year I traveled to Mount Shasta in California on sacred pilgrimage; spending time in deep magic/connecting with one of the planets Chakras.  The fact that this was the 22nd Solstice in the count did not slip past my Numerology-focused mind.  I immediately began to wonder what was in store for this year’s Sabbat.

22 is a Master Number (master numbers…11, 22, 33, etc), meaning it vibrates at a higher frequency than other numbers.  Often referred to as ‘the Master Builder’, it carries the potent energy of action & getting things done.

Sabbat- any of the 8 holy/sacred days in the pagan year connected to the turning of the seasons.

A few days before the Solstice my sister and I got a heads up from Spirit that it was time to put the finishing touches on a major spell we had been working on for the last 5 years.  [The spell/prayer was connected to helping people expand their awareness in a productive, safe & healthy way.]  In the same way that we knew it was time to complete our working, we also knew that the powers of the Universe generally cared little for our comfort in this matter; which meant we were to go about our magical ways regardless of the torrential rains.  With this knowledge, we drove to the sacred river spot of our childhood, where the spell had originally begun.  As it was in the beginning, so was it in the end…my sister submerged herself in the river, activating the years of work we had instilled in this magic. 

Shortly after this, I received a last-minute invite to the blessing of a Stone Circle that had just been completed in Springfield, Vermont…

THE AWEN CIRCLE-created by the Druid Tloog @ Green Heart Farm view video of the Awen Circle

The Druid Tloog

The Awen Circle was created on the sacred lands of Green Heart Farm in Springfield, Vermont through the co-creative energies of the Druid-Daniel ‘Tloog Gorey and the stewards/owners of the land, Cynthia and Christopher Berg.  The circle had only been completed days before the Solstice, and the blessing ceremony was put together on short notice; as a smart Druid knows to take advantage of something as energetically charged as the Solstice Sun!

Upon receiving the Circle blessing invitation I fully understood why my calender had remained open on such an auspicious holiday; having just completed a 5-year spell it only made sense that something memorable should happen, and I can’t think of many things that hold memory longer than a Stone Circle.

In continuation of the magic that held us in its story during the holiday sun my sister Sandy accompanied me on my journey south to the Awen Circle.  She had quickly agreed to join me after I had discovered that Springfield neighbored the town of Ascutney.  This information made us curious indeed, as my sister and I had another magical working that we had been plugging away at for the last 4 years…Gridding the Chakra Ley Line.  We had only one point left to the grid, the Heart Chakra, which just happened to be at Mount Ascutney.

Ley Lines are straight, electromagnetic lines that run below the Earth’s surface.  Stone circles and other holy spaces are often found on Ley lines.  Ley lines are believed to have an effect on all living things.  Think of them like the meridians of Chinese medicine.

Crystal Grids are used to connect, expand, heal and manipulate the energy of vortexes (spinning energy sites) along ley lines, as well as in homes, businesses, etc.

The Chakra Ley Line runs from Willoughby Lake in Westmore, VT to Derby, CT.  It has 7 chakra points, which are located in areas with large deposits of granite and are energetic centers that affect not only the area around them but in essence the country as a whole.  If you are interested in finding out more about the Charka Ley Line check out the book ‘the Gaia Matrix’ by Peter Champoux (

wyrd-connected to fate

Here is where time and synchronicities get a bit wyrd…A few days before the solstice I retrieved a crystal that had grown into one of my trees.  Years ago, I had placed a crystal in a tree branch of a small poplar on my property that I have a close relationship with.  As time progressed the crystal grew into the branches, unable to be removed.  Just before the solstice, I went to show the Crystal Tree to my apprentices & found the crystal laying on the ground, forced out by the growth of the tree.  I knew immediately that the crystal had a special purpose and would connect whatever place it ended up to my land and the tree itself.

I knew this crystal was a gift to the stone circle @ Green Heart Farm.

So I packed my basket with the crystals for the Heart Chakra grid, the Tree-Crystal gifted by my poplar tree, my drum, and a few other offerings.  I picked up my sister and we headed south.  The ride was fun, we talked about the significance of the event, and how it was not a coincidence that it was so close to the Heart Chakra.  It made sense, that we should complete another spell, particularly since they were connected; the stones of the grid having been anointed with a potion/liquid intention created from our magical working of awakening/opening awareness.  We then set our GPS coordinates for Mount Ascutney, choosing to make a detour before attending the circle blessing.

We felt the chakra pulling us when we were 25 miles away and made our way to the base of the mountain near the state park.  We decided that we did not have enough time to deal with entering the park, satisfying ourselves with a pull-off, near the park at the base of the mountain.  We set up our grid along the side of the road, made offerings of tobacco, voice, drum, and prayers, then tossed a few crystals; charged with magical intention, deep into the woods where they could do their work.  As magical as this all was (remember folks, magic is a practical thing), we were pretty clear by this point that the real work would take place at the Stone Circle; which was only about 12 miles away.  We collected the remaining stones from the working we had just completed, and energetically carried the line and our work from the base of the mountain to the farm.

Cynthia & Christopher Berg of Green Heart Farm sharing their space with Sandycrow & I.

Arriving at the farm we were greeted by the smiling faces of folks who were ecstatic about the magical creation that had recently been erected on their property, and by Mount Ascutney itself.  In fact, the mountain was directly North of their property, and the Stone Circle itself had been aligned with the Mountain.  Another Wyrd Fact-the owners, as well as the builder of the circle, had no idea that Mount Ascutney was the Heart Chakra of the Chakra Ley Line (even though they had named their property Green Heart Farm). I love this kind of magic; when intuition speaks and gets its way regardless of the wheres or whys.

After sitting with the amazing view and thinking on how appropriate our decision to tie the stone circle into our work with the Chakra Ley Line, I was presented with another synchronicity when the owners mentioned that the circle was in the woods, in what they referred to as the Forest Temple (hmmm….said I, remembering the crystal from my Poplar I had brought as an offering).

The walk to the circle was divine.  through fields, past a pond, into the woods, we walked and there she was in all her glory…the Awen Circle.  I have to say, a circle in the woods was just about as dreamy of a thing as I could experience.  I mean I am a lover of Stone Circles, having never met one I didn’t love…but a Stone Circle inside a Forest Temple is truly magical.  It held for me a deep mystery, like the memory of long ago forays into the forest to perform hidden magic under the moon, and the foreshadowing of community gathered in celebration.  I long to see her alight with a festival fire, and imagine I will someday.

spreading love-salicrow

PS-you can find out more about The Green Heart Farm here-

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