Rabbits in the Fairy Wood

I haven't blogged in ages, as my summer and fall have been taken up with writing and editing my second book 'The Elements of Magic' which should be out for publication in early 2022. In truth, I finished writing the book back in mid-October and have been stumbling around with the editing for about a month, as I find it boring and have had so much else going on in my life. It was this tediousness that led me to the woods yesterday, seeking the counsel of my guides; ancestors, deities, and fairy contacts.

While I speak to them often throughout my day, I had decided that I would take this time of sacred seclusion; when Vermont and most of the country is on lockdown, to dive deeper into my personal spiritual work. It is easy to ignore my personal spiritual development as my work is deeply connected to spirit and the wyrd (fate), but I learned a long time ago that the work I do for others is not my work! With this in mind, I bundled up in ski pants, boots, and my favorite wooly sweater and headed into the woods; head to toe in red and bright blue, so I stood out in the fall forest. (While I do not allow hunting in the Fairy Wood, it is always better to be safe than sorry).

As I made my way past the Fairy Well and into the forest I was startled when a white rabbit ran across my path, no more than 10ft. away. I immediately saw this as a sign and put it to the backside of my mind, knowing I would look up the symbolism of rabbit when I returned home. I continued onto the 'Mossy Bits' a special place I reclaimed this summer with the help of my son Kaolin and my apprentices 'the Wyrd Weavers'.

The 'Mossy Bits' is enchanted! Like most of the woods behind my house, it is a 'thin place' where the veil between the worlds is sheer, making encounters with otherworldly beings easier. This past summer I brought a group of students there during an Earth Attunement workshop and introduced them to the Gnomes that frequent the space. The energy of the place is tranquil and a bit surreal, making it easy to open one's consciousness to the unseen world. I took a seat upon a downed tree, gave offerings to my ancestors, deities, and the fae folk, and started up a conversation.