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Rabbits in the Fairy Wood

I haven't blogged in ages, as my summer and fall have been taken up with writing and editing my second book 'The Elements of Magic' which should be out for publication in early 2022. In truth, I finished writing the book back in mid-October and have been stumbling around with the editing for about a month, as I find it boring and have had so much else going on in my life. It was this tediousness that led me to the woods yesterday, seeking the counsel of my guides; ancestors, deities, and fairy contacts.

While I speak to them often throughout my day, I had decided that I would take this time of sacred seclusion; when Vermont and most of the country is on lockdown, to dive deeper into my personal spiritual work. It is easy to ignore my personal spiritual development as my work is deeply connected to spirit and the wyrd (fate), but I learned a long time ago that the work I do for others is not my work! With this in mind, I bundled up in ski pants, boots, and my favorite wooly sweater and headed into the woods; head to toe in red and bright blue, so I stood out in the fall forest. (While I do not allow hunting in the Fairy Wood, it is always better to be safe than sorry).

As I made my way past the Fairy Well and into the forest I was startled when a white rabbit ran across my path, no more than 10ft. away. I immediately saw this as a sign and put it to the backside of my mind, knowing I would look up the symbolism of rabbit when I returned home. I continued onto the 'Mossy Bits' a special place I reclaimed this summer with the help of my son Kaolin and my apprentices 'the Wyrd Weavers'.

The 'Mossy Bits' is enchanted! Like most of the woods behind my house, it is a 'thin place' where the veil between the worlds is sheer, making encounters with otherworldly beings easier. This past summer I brought a group of students there during an Earth Attunement workshop and introduced them to the Gnomes that frequent the space. The energy of the place is tranquil and a bit surreal, making it easy to open one's consciousness to the unseen world. I took a seat upon a downed tree, gave offerings to my ancestors, deities, and the fae folk, and started up a conversation.

Speaking out-loud I told the spirits around me why I was there, sharing the magic (manifestation) I was there to work on; which was in truth work we shared, for we are a team, with many common goals. I immediately heard a voice speaking back to me that I did not recognize, although, I knew it was a being I had experienced before and that it was most definitely benevolent. I asked out loud "Who are you?" to which I received the answer "You know me Salicrow, for you are part of me". While I do talk to other incarnations of myself often; including speaking to future and past versions of this life as well as interacting with myself in other lifetimes, I knew this spirit was not me! "You are not me" I replied, to which I got the response "No I am not you, but you are part of me!", and I knew immediately that I was speaking to the Genius Locus/Spirit of Place that was Solstice Meadow (the name of my property).

The information came through in a clear knowing, as the spirit of place shared with me its thoughts as if they were mine. I saw that I was indeed part of the genius locus as it encompasses all the spirits that reside on a piece of land. The Genius Locus is the collective consciousness of the whole that is the place!

I spent some time in conversation with the Spirit of Place and was told to bring myself into a medium-deep trance state and to share with my spirits that which I chose to manifest. Having brought my drum and my voice I was prepared to do just that. In fact, I was here for that reason, to put my thoughts and dreams into motion, to weave a spell of manifestation that would aid me along my personal path of growth and development. The biggest part of the work I was doing involved shining my light for those who needed it; something I do from time to time when I am ready to expand my life path, or when I feel the world around me is deeply in need of comfort and guidance and the skills I possess. I am always careful of how I ask for this growth, as my personal life is important to me and needs much consideration whenever I feel I must step more boldly onto the path that is my personal destiny.

Everywhere I looked I felt like the environment and the spirit of the place was communicating with me. I saw a tree with a lot of Usnea growing on it and thought how I would like to collect some for fire-starting, but it was way too high to get to. Then I looked and there was some on the log next to me and scattered around the mossy forest floor as if the Genius Locu were literally pointing it out to me. As the colors and smells became almost intoxicating I knew it was time to speak my words and enter I said out loud to my spirits the things I was there to make manifest and picked up my drum.

I closed my eyes and began drumming and toning, speaking to my fairy consort (companion) Thomas in my mind, sharing imagery of the work we were putting in motion together. I slipped deep into a trance-state and opened my eyes a bit; keeping them slightly lidded with a focus on the peripheral; engaging in wide-angle vision. Spirits; both of the dead and nature, exist in another dimension than we do and are hard to see with our forward-facing direct vision. Instead, it is best to use wide-angle vision, which focuses on viewing through the corners of our eyes. Just as I opened my eyes I saw a white rabbit run from behind my back across the mossy bits; again within 10ft. of me. This was surprising as I was making a lot of noise, singing loudly and drumming. I knew the rabbit was there to tell me something. That I was being given a sign.

When I finished my drumming I pulled out the large glass marble I had gotten on a sacred pilgrimage to Ireland years ago. I am not sure why it was in the pocket of my utility-belt, but it was. Holding it on my palm I marveled at the reflection of the forest through the rounded curve of its surface. I felt it somehow showed a more accurate view of this enchanted world I lived in, in which spirits and animals communicated with me regularly. I knew that my spell had been activated, and the rabbit was somehow a physical sign that I had been heard by the spirits and deities I work with. I gave my thanks and left the mossy bits.

Walking down the path I heard the voice of the Genius Locus again in my head telling me that I may need my camera again, and then I saw the white rabbit sitting in the forest about 10ft. from the path. I got out my camera to take its photos sure it would run off as I was not making any effort to be stealthy, but it didn't, and when I turned on my phone to take the photo the time was 3:33. This connection to master numbers did not slip by my psychic mind. 33 or its variations 3:33 is a master number teacher associated with the individual's personal goal of reaching as many people as possible and helping uplift the energy of the world with love. Precisely, the work I was in the woods doing!

By this point, I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland following the white rabbit on an adventure. Thinking I had received the message loud and clear, I spent a bit of time exploring; looking for the boundary markers of my property; so I know where I want to build trails in the spring. But along my way, I saw the white rabbit another 3 times bringing my encounter to 6 in which the rabbit was between 10-15ft. away from me; the last three showed me there were actually two rabbits; one larger and still showing some brown. Six in numerology is about balance, harmony, understanding, and love. While it often requires sacrifice it is well worth the effort.

I made my way back to the fairy well and sat for a spell, thinking of the enchanted adventure I just experienced in the woods behind my house. I thought about how fortunate I was and how magical the fairy wood truly was. I knew that I was just starting something and that my work through this time of sacred seclusion would be fertile and seeped in magic. I thought about how the land I steward is truly waking-up, and I wondered what marvels it would present to me and others who walked its magical paths in the future. I know it is not for me alone, that it needs to be open to those who seek, but I savored the moments of seclusion in which it is for myself alone.

When I walked into the house I began telling my husband about my experiences with the white rabbit(s), and how I needed to look it up as I knew it was important. Before I could tell him the work I was doing in the woods he spoke up. "Rabbits are all about prosperity and abundance!" This was the perfect answer to the work I had been doing and my desire to expand my circle of light, that others might find their way. Upon further investigation, I also found that the rabbit (particularly the white rabbit) was seen as being connected to the fairy realm as well; with its most famous story being 'Alice in Wonderland'. I was enchanted!

If this moved you to curiosity or the desire to expand your connection to the unseen world, I invite you to step into the woods with an open mind. Remember we come up with thousands of reasons why something can't be magical, enchanted, or filled with spirit. But what if we instead chose to come up with a thousand reasons why it could be? Why then we would see magic and miracles every day!

spreading love-salicrow

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