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QUEENS OF THE COURT Oh, the Queens...I personally love the Queens of the Tarot! They are receptive and deep, and often carry an air of mystery that makes them somehow both royalty and priestess at the same time; carrying the feel of magic that is almost palatable as these powerful ladies of the court hold the very essence of feminine power. One of the things that I think is important to mention; particularly when speaking of the court cards, is that the cards are gender-fluid! This is important to know as court cards show up in the representation of people in our life more often than other cards do, which means we may pull a queen in the representation of ourselves or another regardless of our sexual identity, as the card is showing more in connection to how we think, act and respond than to our body parts and outward presentation.

Queens are contemplative and thoughtful, and they must be pursued! This means if you want something from the queen you will need to ask, offer, or present your idea. She expects you to come to her! It's easy to understand if we take a moment to think of how a Queen functions in any court. For the most part, she stays in the castle, doing business on the home front while the King is off warring, negotiating, and outwardly achieving. A queen in many ways is like the mother of a country, she rules with a softer touch than her husband and is seen as a bit more rational and willing to compromise. While there are definitely differences between the suits; as there are differences between the way real-life queens have ruled, they are generally seen as being compassionate.

The Queen of Cups is the most compassionate of the Queens, as she is emotional, empathic, and deeply connected to her intuition. Regardless of the deck, she has a tendency to seem a bit ethereal, as if she has one foot in this world and one in another. When representing a person this may mean she is highly sensitive and dreamy. She is the nurturing mother and the empathic feeler who rules through her heart. The Queen of Wands is the creative, hands-on queen, who leads through enthusiasm, following Awen (the spirit of creativity) as if their life was a quest of becoming. In many decks, she is pictured with sunflowers, a sign of regenerative growth, as they are known for their ability to clean soil and replenish damaged land. In the light of recent news; I believe someone should make a Queen of Wands card featuring the old Ukrainian grandma, who handed Russian soldiers sunflower seeds, saying "Put sunflower seeds in your pocket, so they grow when you die". For the Queen of Wands is brave, and creative, and like the sunflower she is resilient!

I often refer to the Queen of Swords as an M&M. For she has a hard (candy) shell, but it is super soft on the inside. She is known for her mental sharpness, her ability to be precise and direct. In most cards her sword is held in front of her in some sort of protective stance, showing that she expects you to approach her with respect and to keep your distance a bit, for she does not open her arms to strangers. Like all the queens she is seen as receptive and wise, but her wisdom is much more analytical than some of the others. She weighs things out at hand's length before she makes a move. However, she is far softer than she lets on, and once wounded it is unlikely she will ever forget the front. While she may publically act as if she has not been bothered by your actions, she will remember it always. Words matter with this queen, so be careful how you approach and how you speak your mind, for she is likely to take you literally.

The Queen of Pentacles is my favorite, and I have a bit of a personal twist in working with this card. The Queen of Pentacles is the most earthly of the queens, she is deeply connected to the material world. She represents prosperity, and abundance and is often seen as the most generous of the queens. She represents fertile ground and the comfort of accomplishment. Now for my twist- many years ago I started seeing the Queen of Pentacles upside-down (reversed) as a separate queen, a queen who carried the essence of abundance and growth, only in the spirit world; making her the queen of the dead! I relate to this card and often see it as my signifier card, representing me in readings. In this personal exploration, the Shadow Queen of Pentacles represents Mediums and all who communicate between the veil of the living and the dead.

Remember, the Tarot is an instrument of awareness triggering our subconscious mind into knowing. If you find you have your own interpretation of a card, make sure to put that in your Book of Shadows. Developing an understanding of our own symbolism is a huge part of becoming a competent reader. I'll see you next week when we finish this series of the Tarot Court with an introduction to the Kings!

QUEEN OF THE COURT is part of a 4-part Blog series COURTS OF THE TAROT, in which we explore the court cards and how they pertain to the Suits of Pentacles, Cups, Wands, & Swords. You can find my 22 part series on THE MAJOR ARCANA, and my 4 part series on THE SUITS OF THE TAROT, by following this link- spreading love-salicrow

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