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Old Friends, Boardwalks, & Sassy Crones...

'We're on the Road to Nowhere...'

The Talking Heads song came on the radio as traffic finally began to move after sitting for 1.5 hours, on 193 south. It seemed kind of fitting after watching people behave so poorly.

Why are we all in such a hurry anyways?

My sisters, daughter, and I were heading out on a mini-adventure to see an old friend's new house, touch the ocean and meet up with some sassy crones. Our journey did not go according to plan, and we were just fine with it... We learned a long time ago that adventure is what you make of it! The behavior we witnessed in the traffic jam, really showed the shittier side of human-kind (something I wrote about on my Facebook page earlier this week), and we had to use all our wisdom to not get pissed off ourselves. In fact, at one point we started getting a bit miffed at the selfishness and entitlement of some of the drivers, and I had to put out a quick reminder that we were powerful energy workers, and if we let ourselves get angry we would be sending that out to the folks around us. So instead, we remembered our skills and focused on being calm and centered; spreading that goodness out around us.

Our first stop...

ISIS (& Doug)- Epping, NH

Isis was one of the first friends Sandy & I made when we moved to Vermont (1987-88). Seeing her new home, complete with snake-skin sheds from her python Lagartha, was a great way to ground and remember why we endured the less than pleasant traffic! The hospitality offered up by Isis and Doug (thanks for the Pizza!) was enough to make the wonky ride down worth it. Seeing their new home, listening to the dreams they have for future improvements, and feeling the comfort of the sacred space they are creating together was the perfect balm for the less than courteous behavior we had seen on the road. Stopping in for a few hours really reminded us all of the importance of taking the time for those we care about, and how simple visits to our friends and family need to come back into fashion.


The misadventures continued... We got to Hampton Beach, and our hotel Ashworth by the Sea. We had gotten a sweet deal on hotel rooms, as my sister, Magpie works in the hotel business. But the room my daughter and I got wasn't used often and was in the part of the hotel most likely to be haunted. Interestingly enough, when we checked in we only had a working light in the bathroom. After hotel folks came and checked it out, flipped breakers and whatnot, I started snooping around and realized all the lights in the room had been unplugged. They had no idea how or why it would happen!


We of course had to have a bit of fun with the room before heading out to the Boardwalk.


In truth, this adventure seemed a bit out of the ordinary for us, as we are truthfully more likely to be seen lounging about a rocky riverbed in the middle of nowhere, than hanging out on a classic Ocean Boardwalk filled with cheap gifts and memorabilia, but sometimes the novelty of something is delightful...and we did find good coffee, and the ladies got some fancy new duds!


Our trip to southern NH was a quick one (one overnight), that had been created around visiting Niniann's garden; Evenmore, and connecting with some of our favorite Crones. The land's name came from a book, in which Evenmore was a place where Fairy and Humans could cohabitate in peace, and the steward of the land; Niniann is a fabulous gardener and herbalist who has made it her goal to bring back indigenous plants and herbs, as well as whatever else strikes her fancy. The herb gardens at Solstice Meadow (my land) was created in part from a large donation of plants Niniann gave me.

We arrived at Evenmore just in time for a funeral for another old friend 'CROW'; who we met at the same time as the Crones, in 2008 while attending a Beltaine Festival at 'A Sacred Place'. Crow was close to the earth, a wild man, harvester, storyteller, and free-spirit. While we did not know him well, it did seem fitting that a bunch of Crows would arrive just in time for this service.

Our visit with the Crones was not just for pleasure, it was part of an expanding spiral of visits we have been making this summer to connect magic makers, healers, gardeners, and land stewards. It's time folks...time to gather, time to organize, as we watch our systems struggle to support the people, its time we start connecting with others and create some systems for ourselves. Visiting, talking, brainstorming...that is what needs to happen now!

I invite you to take a deep breath and recognize that you are a powerful being, and how you approach situations matters. Connect with your community, know your neighbors, visit old friends, and see what lies in your network of support!

spreading love-salicrow



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