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Messages from Spirit…dancing shoes

I have a different view of death then most people.  As a Medium I do not see death as an end, but as a transition.  Death does not close the doors of communication for me to those I love, it just changes the nature of the communication.  Like a long distance phone call to a friend living across the world, I can still hear them, feel them and laugh with them…but it is not the same as having them sit in the room with me.  I miss my fathers hugs and the feel of my grandmothers arthritic swollen hands in mine.  That being said I realize that I am more fortunate then most for I still get to converse with my loved ones on a regular basis.  Death happens to us all, but often for the people left behind it is a sad thing, that ushers in feelings of loss and remorse.  When we watch the ones we love take a slow approach to death, we find that there are other feelings that also accompany it.  Feelings of regret, and guilt…particularly if our loved one was sick for a long while and in need of extensive care.

People who take the long approach to death are in a place I call the Gray.  The Gray is the state in which we are dying (we cannot get better) or sometimes it is the state just after death.  When someone living steps into the Gray they begin to show more brightly to the Spirit World.  In many ways it is like pregnancy.  When someone is pregnant in our world we see that a new human will be entering our world shortly, we gather and prepare for their arrival.  Just like the family that eagerly awaits a new born child, there are family waiting for their loves to join them in Spirit.  The Gray shows Spirits that a soul will soon be joining them.  People in the Gray often talk about seeing family and friends who have crossed over years ago.  They may see them in dreams or visit with them while drifting in and out of consciousness.  This visitation is real, they are being visited by loved ones in Spirit.   I have many stories in which Spirits have told me of family members who are in the Gray, whom they are waiting for.  I have found that as a general rule when Spirits say someone is in the Gray they have approximately 6-8 months of life left…sometimes much less and sometimes a bit more.

At a recent Gallery Reading (large group Spirit Communication) one of the guest I called up front received a message from her mother in-law, who first talked about her life and how she and her husband enjoyed dancing.  She then began to talk about how her husband was in the Gray and that she would be seeing him soon & that she was waiting for him.  The next day the woman who received the message came to find me, she wanted to let me know that she had received a text message from her husband telling her that his father would be passing soon and that the nursing home had called the family in.  Shortly after her father in law did pass & I was fortunate enough to hear the rest of the story.  The woman from the Gallery Reading returned home & shared the recording of our session with her family.  She said that it helped the family greatly to know that their father had crossed over to join with his loving wife.  They also pointed out that when watching over their father in his last moments, his feet began to move under the covers and that at one point he reached his arms up like embracing someone for a close dance.  Myself, I know who he was dancing with and who he is dancing with now.

May this message stay  with you when your loved ones are passing & talking about visits from their mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children and friends who have crossed into the world of Spirit…remember they really are talking to them.  Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they are not there.  The closeness to death not only makes them show more to the Spirit World, but also allows them to see into the that world more clearly.  These visits are a sign that they will be crossing soon, take note and be happy that they will be welcomed by the love of family eagerly waiting for them.  Hope you enjoyed the read folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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