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The last few months have been 'full-speed ahead' for me...My third book SPIRIT SPEAKER came out at the beginning of April; just before I left for Ireland for two weeks with my family. The week after I returned I was in the air again; heading to Boulder, CO to film my second interview on OPEN MINDS w/Regina Meredith for GaiaTV. Upon my return, I began a 3-month slew of podcast & radio interviews (40 in total so far). While this was happening, I was still seeing clients two days a week, holding Psychic Soirees at my new space in St. Johnsbury, VT, and collaborating with my apprentice; the Magical Jeweler ALEX LOZIER on our second Jewelry line! As much fun as all that has been, I am happy to be on the other side of it; having a few weeks of late summer to slowly melt into what seems like the languid days of summer; after all the hubbub...

Most of us have felt the overwhelm of 'things to do' this summer; partially due to the fact that many of the summer events we appreciate have been on hiatus for the last 3 years. In truth, there is a part of me that misses the slow pace the pandemic provided; if not all the other inconveniences and loss experienced. As things got busier and busier this summer, some of the things I value; like writing, fell to the wayside as there was simply not enough time! I found that I needed to remind myself that this here... in his moment I was in the flow of Magic and needed to surrender to the pace and flow it was weaving. Through surrender, I was able to keep my balance and accept that things were moving at exactly the pace they should. By not fighting the busyness and accepting that I was on a fast-moving ride I was able to find solid ground in the swirling energies of becoming.

One of the harder parts of this process was realizing that to wait to work on the books I have in process, nor could I keep my blog/newsletter to a weekly happening. I knew that social media algorithyms and the nature of people preferred that blogs come out regularly, on time anfd filled with useful information, and I knew I had a personal goal of writing a book every year, but it changed nothing in regards to how much time I logically had. Knowing these things would occasionally fill me with fleeting feelings of failure; something my ever diligent, take-control mind struggles with. In these moments it was helpful to step outside of myself and logically look at my work load, and to ask myself what I would say to a client in the same predicament. In letting go, and refusing to sacrifice the little free-time I had it was important to find something for the squirrel-infused, over-achieving-Sali to focus on. I chose to focus on the flow!

Flow is an important factor in life and magic! The Earth keeps a natural rhythm, changing with the seasons, and we humans are no different. With this knowledge I could feel contented knowing that Summer is often fast, overly busy, and filled with moments of joy and celebration, and before too long I will be nestling into my cozy home buried under a blanket of snow...perfect for those introverted things like writing and the like. This helped me to connect more deeply to the Flow of my Magic, and to realize I was not falling behind, but actively participating in the dream my magical workings had helped create!

This led me to asking bigger questions, ones we all might want to to take a look at.

What happens when we find ourselves there, doing the stuff we worked so hard on manifesting? Do we really know how to appreciate it? .


and when it does...

What the fuck do we do with ourselves?

How does manifesting our dreams affect us?

Will we know when we have reached what we were striving for?

In magical co-creation (spell-work, activated prayer, power of intention) we often see our goals as a distant, far-away thing that we are working on. The dreaming and magic takes up much of our life, with our focus on manifesting the thing of our dreams. Learning to live in flow with our magic involves a lot of giving thanks, and recognizing when something has been given to you as a tool upon your path. It means sucking it up when the river of creation flows fast, and leaning into the slow, lazy bits in order to refill your being. Magic isnt stationary, it is constantly in flux, and living a life of magic and manifestation means learning to navigate whatever part of the stream we are on.

We don't all have the same type of dreams...thank god! Could you imagine how boring and fretful life would be if we were all shooting for the same goal? What is a gift to one can easily be a curse to another, just as one man's trash is another man's treasure! In manifesting our dreams we need to be clear what we desire, and must spend enough time looking at it that we see it clearly. Otherwise it can turn out to be like the crush you had in high-school; in which you imagined someone to be our dreamboat; without ever getting to know them, only to find out they were more of a sunken ship!

In Magical Manifestion its importatant to ask ourselves "What are my goals, what am I striving for, and what am I willing to sacrifice to acheive these goals?"

This is a question I have been asked a lot lately, as my busy summer was also blessed with company visiting from all over the United States. Often the question came in practical terms, like "Are you going to work like this until you pay off your home?", or "Do you want to create a business umbrella for other Psychics and Healers?" The answer to both those questions is 'Yes!" But by no means my goal...

Whenever I have been asked the simple question of "What do you want to do?", my answer is always the same "I want to change the world!" I don't believe I can do this alone, but that I want to be part of that change, and knowing the nature of me that means opening peoples eyes to the world of spirit and magic. This answer was something my husband reminded me of anytime I was sick of the pace. This goal has become a bit of a personal mission statement statement for me, and something that has suited me well in knowing who on my path I am in alignment with along the way. As this has always been a bit of a personal mantra, I recognize that my goals are not limited to the material world, and therefore I will have to flow with the magic the universe shares with me; something

I give thanks for daily!

Wherever you are co-creating with the Universe/God/Goddess its important to recognize the magical process...Give thanks, take time for play, and remember this is your life! Living a magical life means connecting to the ebb and flow of creation, devoping patience and deep breathes, it also means living your life with purpose...and that feels pretty damn good!

Invest in your dreams, for without that investment of time & energy we are likely to see the magic...

spreading love-salicrow


Salicrow's BETWIXT & BETWEEN jewelry collection by ALEX LOZIER JEWELRY launches August 25th (5-8pm) @ ENCHANTING THE KINGDOM, Psychic Soiree

301 Pearl Street, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

These Magical creations of ALEX LOZIER JEWELRY are inspired by Salicrow's latest book SPIRIT SPEAKER and the upcoming WITCHES BALL, and magically designed and r this jewelry collection is loaded with magic! The stones were chosen for their magical properties, enhancing Spirit Communication, Divination, and Magic!

Can't wait to peruse the magical goodness of the collection? Make sure to check out our first collaboration, Salicrow's Elements of Magick...



Available Wherever Books are Sold


Psychic Soiree

Friday, August 25th 5-8pm

301 Pearl Street, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

No need to buy tickets or reserve space for the Psychic Soiree. Tickets are however required for the SEANCE w/Salicrow at the end of the evening.

Join Salicrow, Psychic Medium and author of SPIRIT SPEAKER, A Medium’s Guide to Death & Dying for an enchanted evening of Spirit Communication in the heart of the Kingdom!


Empath's Opening & Protection

Join Salicrow, Psychic Medium for a day of Intuitive Empathic Development. Learn techniques and gather tools to help you open to your own Intuitive gifts & protect yourself


301 Pearl Street, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

Empaths are people who pick up on other people's emotions. This is a great asset to one's life if you know some basic self-defense and develop control. Without control and defense being an Empath can often be emotionally draining and exhausting feeling more like a curse than a blessing.


Psychic Readings, Spirit Communication & Intuitive Healing

Private appointments with Salicrow are available Thursday & Fridays weekly.

Available In-Person at her St. Johnsbury studio or by ZOOM.

Salicrow is an International Psychic Medium with clients in over 20 countries. She has been featured on GaiaTV, Coast to Coast Radio, and many podcasts natioinally and internationally. She is the author of three books, and has written articles for magazines in the USA, Australia and the UK on spirit communication, psychic development, magic and witchcraft.

To learn more about Salicrow visit her website here.

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