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Justice served

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

As the old saying goes, "Justice is blind". This statement is meant to enforce the idea that the truth is not something we come to by casual glance but instead is experienced through logical investigation and the use of all of our senses. There is generally a difference between what is fair and what we believe ourselves and others to deserve; as emotions and feelings of rightness often taint our view of the truth. Justice is a card of truth, representing the balance point between differing views.

As card eleven of the Major Arcana, it carries the vibration of empathy and psychic knowing, showing that the decisions made are done so with a heightened sensitivity to the truth. Eleven is a master number, meaning it has an enhanced vibration; carrying more impact then situations represented by other numbers. This makes sense when you look at the card! Seated upon a dais the 'judge' holds the scales of justice in their left (receptive hand); showing they are ready and able to listen and observe in order to make the fairest decisions. The sword in their right hand is a show of clarity, and their ability to cut through the bullshit, as well as a sign that their decision will be enforced.

Justice is void of emotions, and its appearance in reading is meant to tell us that the fairest decision will be made. Often when Justice shows up in readings I do for clients I have to explain to them that fairness does not mean getting what they want, it truly means getting what is best and fair for all parties involved. It represents decisions based on facts, and requires us to put aside all the 'he said/she said' bullshit and look at the truth of the situation. Justice cares little for our feelings and is instead focused on what is right and fair. When Justice comes into a reading reversed it is often warning us that justice will not be met, that the situation will play out in unfairness.

Justice seldom shows up in a reading unexpectedly. In most cases, we are well aware of the situation that needs a blind eye! If it shows up for you take it as a sign that you are too emotional about the situation and need to look at it from an outside perspective. Take the time to see it through the other lens; placing yourself in the consciousness of the opposing force. Often we experience injustice through the cloudy lens of self-importance, seeing every wrong that is done to us as purposeful.

In his book, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz he states that "Nothing is about you!", which is meant to remind us that people's actions and behaviors are not about us, but about them and their own personal wounding and experiences. When we are on opposing sides of another we generally see that it is us against them, that they are out to get us, want to harm us, or fuck us over in some way. But in reality, it rarely has anything to do with us at all, instead the other is seeing it much as we are; that we are screwing them over, out to get them, that they are the ones dealing with the situation. It is through this viewpoint of 'Nothing being about us' that we are able to see more clearly and get the view necessary for Justice to be served.

If Justice is showing up for you take the time to sit with the situation, allow yourself to see it from all sides. Turn off your emotional rhetoric and allow yourself to observe the situation from all ends. Remember that the truth is often three-dimensional; our truth, the truth of the other, and the balanced truth that lies between the two!

spreading love-salicrow

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