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What is a Psychic Reading and How do I Choose the best Reading for my needs?

Divination is the Art of seeking information from the unknown through supernatural means. Throughout history, there have been countless methods used to trigger the intuitive/psychic mind to bring about helpful information. While some people are born with natural psychic ability; meaning they have moments of psychic knowing without training (in this lifetime), we all can learn this art. But like all arts, the degree of skill and accomplishment is not equal, with those born with natural ability having the greatest likelihood of developed skill. With that in mind, many of us find that we are capable of seeking our information through oracle cards, tarot, runes, and other divinatory tools, there are times in which we want and need a deeper view from someone with more refined psychic skill; whether out of need or a desire for a greater understanding.

Choosing the right Reading for our needs can be tricky, particularly if we have never done this before. Like everything, there is a separate language created around divination, and unless you are working or studying the metaphysical arts there is a good chance you don't know it! To begin with, let me introduce you to some terms, and then I'll give you a rundown of the types of Readings I offer.

DIVINATION- The Art of seeking information from the unknown through supernatural means.

PSYCHIC-Faculty and phenomenon that is outside of natural law, particularly in the form of clairvoyance and telepathy. (A person with a developed ability may call themselves 'A Psychic')

PSYCHIC READING- When someone with psychic powers taps into your energy field and perceives things about your past/present/future.

MEDIUMSHIP- The practice of mediating communication between the living and the dead

PSYCHIC MEDIUM/SPIRIT MEDIUM- A person who channels information from the dead and other unseen forces.

TAROT- A deck of 78 cards designed to activate the subconscious in divination.

ORACLE CARDS- A set of divinatory cards used for personal exploration.

READER- The person doing the divination

QUERENT- The person receiving the Reading

My experience as a psychic began as a child, with my first teacher being my great-grandmother, Grammy Brown. As a child, I did not work with tools, instead of experienced psychic input in a haphazard manner that often left me overwhelmed. As I grew I developed an understanding of my gifts and picked up tools along the way to aid me in my exploration. The first tool I encountered was the Tarot, and I soon devoured everything I could about it and shortly thereafter began doing professional readings.

Now with over 30 years as a Professional Psychic Medium, I have developed many readings geared toward helping my clients find the answers they seek. Here are my offerings as well as some input on how to bet the right reading for your needs...



focuses on events and situations of the querent's past, present & future (CROW- 20 minutes/RAVEN- 40 minutes/ROOK- 1 hour).

CROW -A brief and informative look at your life.

RAVEN -An informative look at your life with time for Intuitive Counseling.

ROOK-An informative look at your life with ample time for Intuitive Counseling.

I recommend RAVEN & ROOK Readings for people who have never had a Reading with me before or those who have a lot going on in their lives. CROW Readings are short and meant to be more of a check-in for return customers.

PAST LIFE (parallel life)-Many of us have glimpses of other lifetimes; of fleeting memories, that create deep connections, unexplained phobias, and longings for things that do not fit into our everyday reality. My approach to past lives is one in which I focus on the lives we are currently triangulating with that our souls may more efficiently learn and grow; making such things more accurately PARALLEL LIVES instead of past lives. Past Life Readings are beneficial to any who are seeking to understand themself on a deeper level, as well as those experiencing unexplainable fears and phobias, or relationships that feel outside the ordinary.

SOUL PURPOSE & LIFE PATH READINGS- These Readings are designed to help the Querent get a deep look at why they have incarnated in this lifetime, what their purpose for being here is through unveiling the reasons you have chosen to incarnate this lifetime. (Soul Purpose- 40 minutes/ Life Path-60 minutes). These Readings are advised to anyone who is seeking to understand themselves better.


WYRD CONSULTATIONS-(Wyrd Happenings-40 min./Wyrd Explorations-1 hour)

These appointments are designed for folks who want to talk to me about your personal experiences in the Wyrd, as well as personal spiritual goals, and questions about psychic phenomena. Wyrd Consultations are perfect for those whose path has led them out of the ordinary. With almost 50 years of experience in the Psychic Arts, I would love to help you understand your experiences! (It's my favorite!)


INDIVIDUAL, GROUP SEANCES & GALLERIES- Spirit Communication sessions are a time for you to communicate with your Beloved Dead. INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS offer the most intimate setting, which is recommended for those whose loss is so deep that they do not wish to share the time and messages with others. A GROUP SEANCE is an intimate, small group gathering in which participants gather to receive communication from their Beloved Dead. Messages are delivered to all present in a gentle yet concise manner. SPIRIT GALLERIES are geared to large groups. The Medium (me-salicrow) is directed by the Spirits present to determine who will receive messages. Due to the size of the group message cannot be delivered to all guests. However, the messages passed are so specific that it is often a moving experience regardless of whether a personal message was received. Galleries are perfect for large groups and families in which many of the guests will be looking for the same Beloved Dead.

There are so many reasons to get a Psychic Reading, and knowing which one is right for you makes exploring yourself easier! Once you have picked your Reading preparing yourself is easy, simply come to your appointment with an open mind and bring a notebook or recorder (if you do your appointment on Zoom I will record for you) as often people are emotionally triggered during Psychic Readings of any kind, and tend to forget parts. Revisiting your notes or recording helps us get more out of the experience.

spreading love-salicrow

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