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Holiday…Christmas Moon [full moon magic]

The Holidays have been in full gear in my neck of the woods for the last few weeks, in fact…I have finished the majority of my celebrating; as my family celebrates the Winter Solstice/Yuletide, instead of Christmas.  That being said, I couldn’t help but notice the wonderful treat Christmas brings this year…a Full Moon.  The last time we had a Full Moon at Christmas (1977),  I was 6 years old; the most amazing age for Santa’s wonderment.  I don’t remember the Full Moon then, but I am sure it added majestically to the sparkle and shine that was Christmas that year.  This time however, I am ready for the Moon and planning on using it’s Holiday show to move Mountains….Mountains in my own life that is.

There has been a lot of hub-bub on the Internet over the fact that the Full Moon this month falls on Christmas day.  Astronomically, there is nothing particularly special about Christmas day.  However, the close proximity to the Winter Solstice does have significant sway over the Full Moon’s energy.  The second little bit that makes the Christmas, Full Moon significant is belief.  Quantum Physics has proven that thought matters, that what we believe has a direct effect on reality.  The fact that so many people celebrate the 25th of December as a time for family, love, abundance and good will, means something & makes it a potent seed for manifestation.

So, lets first take a look at the Astronomical significance of the Winter Solstice- Full Moon & the energy it holds.  A Full Moon occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, and fully illuminated by it’s light.  As the energy of the Moon is receptive, it goes without saying that it is influenced by the position of the Sun.  In the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun begins it’s return or period of growth on the Winter Solstice; which occurred on the 22nd of December this year.  Energetically, this signifies growth and rebirth, for the Sun is sharing its light with us more and more each day.

Christmas is also connected to rebirth & growth.  For Christians, Christmas represents the birth of their God into human form.  It is a time of wonder & joy, salvation & redemption.  In our modern world, many people celebrate Christmas whether they are religiously Christian or not.  Their reasons for celebrating are often the same; wishing for a better world, being thankful for the gifts of change &  humanity.  For many the celebrations of the Winter Solstice have been spread out over the many days of Christmas, to include New Years day…when we all make our resolutions or manifestations for the coming year.  All of these things, that make the Christmas season so magical are shared by people all over the world, under many names and traditions.  So, yes there is a magic to Christmas.  It is a magic on the quantum level; on the level of belief, as Quantum Physics has proven that thought matters; that what we believe we create.  The more people who believe the same, the more power added to the moment.  This makes Christmas a very magical time, for Christmas is about wishing…Wishing for a better life, wishing good will to all, wishing for dolly’s and race cars and chocolate cream pie.  Young and old, rich and poor, Christmas allows us to dream & create.

So now we come to the part I love most…what are we going to do with it?  How are we going to use this energy, that so nicely aligned for us on Christmas Night?

This ceremony is intended for Christmas Night, but can be done tonight or any evening between now & December 28th; as the Full Moon’s energy is potent for 3 days prior to the Moon being full, and 3 days after.  If your busy with guest on Christmas Night, sneak away with your hot chocolate or wine & give yourself the gift of time.  You can do this wherever you happen to be.

You will need- Paper (or a blank Christmas card), pen/marker, a candle, crystals/ornaments/altar items

Set up your Altar…(Altars are temporary or permanent Sacred Space).  As your work this evening is geared toward the Moon, I recommend a shelf or table near a window; where the Moon can shine on it, or outside if possible.  Your Altar can hold items you find sacred; such as crystals, holy symbols, photos of ancestors, etc.  You will also want a simple candle; any color, shape or size will do.

Light your candle and take a few deep breathes.  With every breath in welcome the energy of the Moon, whether you can see it or not; it’s out there.  With every exhale, let go of your every day worries.  As you continue breathing, imagine a sphere of white light surrounding you & connecting you to the Moon.  This light goes above your head and below your feet, you are completely inside of the light.  This light is protective, and acknowledges the work you do as Sacred.  You may welcome the cardinal directions (East, South, West & North) and the elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) if you feel drawn to, as well as any Deities and  Spirits you work with.  When your space is created; it is time to get to work.

Let us begin with taking a good look at our present circumstances and how we would like to change them.  Grab a nice piece of paper, or better yet a Christmas card if you have one.  Make a list of the things you need.  I stress Need over Want, as want is a fleeting thing; often determined by our child mind & does not always serve us.  Need on the other hand is the essential pieces necessary to our happiness, growth and stability.  Make your list, just like you would for Jolly Saint Nick; billeted, detailed, in marker or glitter.  Make it sincere, do not sugar coat it or gloss it over in any way, shape or form.  When working with manifestation it is important to be honest, with ourselves as well as the powers that be.  My most potent works of manifestation have happened when I was completely raw.  For me this may mean…naked in the woods, sitting on a ley line/nodal point.  But it has also taken place in a warm room, in my jammies.  It all comes down to vulnerability &  the desire to make change.  That is why honesty & need are so important.  We must to be willing to give all of ourselves; to believe & commit if we want to work magic.  The Moon, no matter how powerful it is; is but a tool for our work, an energetic partner  if you will.  As many of you reading this, have decided to partake in a year long journey of Intuitive development with the Moon.  I would highly suggest that you include your goals for this journey in the work you manifest this night.  When you have created your list, place it on the Altar to absorb the energy of the Christmas Full Moon.

After at least  one night on your Altar; preferably under the Moon Light, you can now take your card or paper with its list and place it somewhere where it will catch your attention.  It is important to not look constantly re-read the list.  In Magic, as well as Quantum Physics, belief is important.  Constantly reworking things we have put into being takes away from it’s potency.  It’s like we are saying we didn’t do it right the first time…adding doubt and disbelief to our work.  My suggestion; is to close the card and only have the image visible, or put your list in an envelope.  Place the card or envelope on your working Altar if you have one, or the top of a dresser or shelf if you do not; someplace where it will catch your eye.  Every time you notice the card/envelope, remember you are working Christmas Moon magic…and send it a bit of energy.  I recommend that you not open the card or list until Christmas of next year.  It will be a real holiday treat to see the work you have achieved.

For those of you partaking in my Lunar Intuition adventure this coming year, this is but a sneak peek at what lies ahead.  Our journey begins with the Dark Moon this January 2nd, I look forward to sharing it with you.  For the rest of you out there…have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the Merry Moon.  I hope you have enjoyed the read Folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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