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Holiday…Approaching the Dark Night of the Soul [the Winter Solstice, part 1]

It may seem a bit strange that I am writing about Internal Struggle when we are quickly approaching the most celebrated time of the year (Solstice, Christmas, Kwanza, Etc.).  But in reality there is a reason for all those lights….to keep out the dark.  The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year; something that created fear in ancient people.  Fear that the sun would not return, that the land would lay barren & that they may starve.  In modern times we too experience fear at the Solstice.  Fear that the challenges of our life will be too heavy, and that our plans will lie fallow; never stepping into being.  As we sit at the cusp of the year; just before the light returns, we experience darkness.

The Darkness of the Winter Solstice, is a time when we become reflective & nostalgic.  We look back at the year we are leaving; with an eye for detail, and the years of Christmas Past with the deep appreciation time offers.  When looking over that which is just leaving, we are critical.  However, when we look at our deep past there is much more appreciation, even for the hard times.  Distance of time, helps us to understand that necessary lessons are often painful, and that obstacles in our path often lead to the things we need most.   There is much to be said about the beauty of looking into the dark.  When we reflect with a lucid mind (conscious on a deep level), we can turn this powerful time to our advantage; embracing the lessons it has to offer.  When we look at what lurks in the shadows/ our fears…we begin to gain personal power.  The kind of power that is unobtrusive, like putting on a really good pair of shoes…it feels right!  Through such power, we become more fully ourselves.

I have grown to love this time of year, and not just for the festive cheer, but for the darkness as well.  I find that I look forward to the reflection.  To me there is a magic in this darkness.  Magic, like telling stories in the dark to your best friend…stories of what you have experienced, what you have learned & what you plan to do with that knowledge.  Look into the mirror, seek out your reflection in the darkness & welcome the lessons you have learned.  The light returns on December, 22nd this year & we quickly approach the New Year.  May you enter it a bit wiser, more compassionate and ready for the next adventure.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks…stay tuned for Part 2 of the Winter Solstice-Stepping into the Light.

spreading love-salicrow

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