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As we approach the end of our journey with the Major Arcana and I reflect back on the past nineteen weeks I find it fascinating that without planning I would end up writing about The Sun card the day before the Winter Solstice. To me, this is just another example of how interconnected the world is, for I generally do not believe in coincidence.

Sitting at my computer as the early morning sun illuminates the snow-covered trees and creates magical artistry on the eastern horizon I am blown away with its glory, and how it is in many ways the very definition of The Sun card.

The Sun is a card of glory, harmony, joy, and good fortune! It is the joyous rebirth awaited after the long dark, in which we celebrate life itself!

The card often features a young child naked and illuminated by the sun, representing the newness of life and the purity it offers. When weaving it into the Winter Solstice metaphor we see both the 'return of the sun' and the 'return of the son' (for those with a Christian inclination) in this card; the young child representing a chance for rebirth, and the glowing sun the promised bounty of the green world! Either way, The Sun shines its glory on us, rewarding us for enduring the long and arduous road the Major Arcana has taken us on. Upon its arrival, we are allotted a reprieve from the shadowy corners of our minds, giving us an opportunity to celebrate all that is good and true in life.

When a young child is not featured on The Sun card we will likely find a couple facing each other surrounded by sunflowers with a radiant sun sitting boldly in the background. In such cards, the couple gazes upon one another in a way that tells a story of equals who stand before each other in balance and wisdom, promising that together a new life can be built.

The Sun is ultimately a card of rebirth, showing that the querent did not arrive where they are by luck, but by traversing the lessons life presented them and overcoming their personal demons; the return of The Sun being the reward for their trials. Within this newfound illumination, the querent is prepared to move forward knowing the Universe (god/goddess) is conspiring with them to bring about something greater!

When The Sun appears in your reading be prepared to experience joy and good fortune, be assured that the situation is in harmony with your life path, for moments in which things are going right can appear suspect to those who have gotten used to the heavy drudgery of burden. If this is your truth remember The Sun is a powerful card of rebirth offering us the opportunity to grow in a joyful, loving way, for it is a card of destiny that confirms we are walking our path with the support of the Universe. Take some time to reflect on all you have accomplished to place yourself in this position; all the dark pits and tear-filled nights, knowing you earned this rebirth. Embrace the light of The Sun for its path is one of harmony, joy, and personal greatness!

spreading love-salicrow

The Sun is part of a 22 part series that you can find here on my blog- PSYCHIC READINGS w/Salicrow- SALICROW'S SCHOOL OF MAGIC- PRE-ORDER Salicrow's upcoming book- The Path of Elemental Witchcraft here- Inner Traditions- Barnes & Nobles- Amazon- Indie Bound- #thesun, #rebirth, #renewal, #wintersolstice, #witch, #majorarcana, #tarot, #spiritspeaker, #salicrow, #psychicmedium, #wyrdwoman

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