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Full-Moon Snowstorm...

We lost power last night around 6pm. I love the quiet that comes with a snow-storm, particularly when the power goes out. My house was built by living-off-the-land Hippies, so we are perfectly ok if the power goes out. Start the woodstove, light some candles, put the kettle on for coffee/tea, listen to audible books and get cozy.

Only yesterday was different, with the power out, I was greatly aware of the outside, I could feel the Moon and the Storm calling me, whispering repetitively that I must go outside and listen. I needed to go outside and 'be' with the Storm & the Moon. So I did.

About 9pm I decided I was going outside, so I put on my ski-pants, scarf, fuzzy hat and a fur coat and went outdoors to be. The air was filled with precipitation, a mixture of snow and rain that came down so silently it was hard to believe it could accumulate so much. The Moon was shining through the snow giving the whole outdoors a silvery glow, in which visibility was similar to looking through sheer white curtains on a summer afternoon. My clothing kept me warm, even if I did look like a bizarre Russian grandmother with my fur coat and rabbit fur bomber hat on. I found myself imagining what someone would think if they saw me wandering around in my yard, walking to the end of my driveway and just standing there looking out over the field. Even so, I did that for quite some time, simply taking in the wonder of nature that brought me that stillness. Snow-storms, particularly the quiet ones are also moments in which the veil is thin. They are a time when the living world is so still; all snug in their homes, that the world of the Spirit seems loud in comparison. I wish I would have had a lawn chair handy, as I would have stayed outside longer, enjoying the Air Elementals as they suddenly spun into being, gyrating across the fields.

As it was I stayed for about 40 minutes or so, simply listening and watching, as I felt the magic of the Full Moon bathing me in its gossamer-light. Knowing I had been called outside by the powers that be, I took my time under the moon as an attunement, an energetic bath of Storm and Moon that filled me with energy and peace. I feel so blessed to have the ability to find magic and awe in the simple things of life. I am thankful that I am still called; like a child to fully participate in moments of ecstatic joy. I am thankful to be alive in these changing times when the world seems both alien and kindred, and I am thankful to live on my snowy-mountaintop in the Northeast Kingdom.

spreading love-


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Sounds wonderful. We didn't get snow in RI, but the wind was whipping up the bay and sounded like a freight train. Loved being out in it <3

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