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I just returned from a trip to Northern California, one brought about by my dead father! While he lived there he convinced his best friend and soul brother, Mark to move his family west as well. My father returned to New England when his health began to fail; spending his last few years with his children and grandchildren, but the distance from his partner in mischief was a difficult one as they were like two peas in a pod. (The picture shared is the last one of them together before my fathers passing) While this was not my first trip to visit Mark and his family since my father's passing in 2012; my sister and I visited in 2017, it was a very important visit as it was the first time any of us had seen him since he lost his house, and almost lost his life in the Camp Fire in Paradise California.

TWIN FLAME- An intense soul connection with someone believed to be a person's other half.

I struggle with the term 'Twin-Flames' something many folks like to pass around when talking about reincarnation. To me this term is limited as I do not believe we have only ONE deep soul connection, instead seeing we are connected to soul families. But if there ever was an example of Twin Flames my dad and Mark would be it, for there is no doubt in my mind that these two have gone around lifetime after lifetime connecting with each other; creating mischief of one kind or another as they go! Growing up Mark was a part of our family! They worked together, played together, and spent hours upon hours shooting the shit with each other. If they had been paid for all the ideas they came up with in their rambling, they would have been exceedingly rich! Both of them were gifted storytellers and their words never stopped when they were together...

End of July- beginning of August I got a strong and persistent message from my dad that I needed to go see Mark. My dad sweetened this deal by showing me cheap plane tickets, reminding me how close to Shasta Mark lived (2 hours) and that I had friends I loved in San Francisco and Reno I hadn't seen in 3 years! So off we went on a mission from my dead father to see Mark's new home, finally restored after the 'Camp Fire' of 2018 that destroyed the town of Paradise, CA.

My dad is a strong spirit, to say the least! In the weeks leading up to our departure, I had to constantly fight back the feeling of anxiousness; which was really anticipation, as my father was so excited to be heading back to California with me as his sensory amplifier and voice. While spirits can see and hear their beloved dead, their emotions and sensations are a fraction of what they are when living. Coming in contact with a Medium amplifies their ability to feel, see, and sense the environment of the living world; colors are brighter, sounds are more pronounced, and scents are richer. My father took full advantage of this!

My husband compared the feeling I was experiencing to the way our kids felt in anticipation of a trip to Disney world when they were little; too much excitement to contain. Throughout the flight, he was mostly subdued, but as soon as we hit California and began our trip North from San Francisco he was back to his energetic exuberance. The closer we got to Paradise the more intense his emotions would be, as he remembered places we passed on the road. It felt like a wave starting low, and then it would build up and finally crest with me tearing up wanting to cry. More than once my husband actually said out loud "Your need to sit in the backseat Richard (my dad's name), you can't go messing with my navigator. I can't have her crying so much she can't tell me where to go!" My dad would back off, for a bit, and then it would come back again half an hour or so later when he was once again triggered by the surroundings and forget himself.

When we entered the town limits of Paradise, CA, and started seeing the swaths of burnt trees my dad was overcome with emotion, and I did cry. At that point, I asked my spirit guide Adam to be a buffer between me and my dad. To which he replied, "I'll try Sali, but your dad's a strong spirit and you have always given him an open door." Hearing this, I was reminded that I needed to become the medium in the situation, not my father's daughter. At that moment I was able to put myself in control of my emotions and my dad could carry on with his emotional self.

When I first arrived at Mark's house I visited for myself; my husband and I spent time seeing the new house and talking about family like normal folk do. Then the time came when my dad got his chance. I put on his red flannel shirt, which my sister keeps as a treasure, and asked Mark if we could go out to the garage to talk; my dad insisting that it was their place to hang out. I sat on a plaster bucket smoking a cigarette for my dad, as I allowed him to talk through me while Mark sat on the stool next to me. They shot the shit about old times, philosophized on near-death experiences and the path of the spiritual warrior, and rejoiced in the love that they have for one another. This is not the type of gift I will most likely do often for spirit, but my dad is a powerful spirit indeed!

While you may not have experienced the same situation in your life, it is likely you have done something similar; fulfilling the wishes of the dead! Last request, unfinished dreams, and promises made...the dead often has us running errands on their behalf. When the dreams are filled with love, and spirit things generally move along with ease and flow, as the universe and the spirits of the dead help us make it so!

spreading love-salicrow

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