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As a people, we've been through a lot over the last few years; what with a pandemic, climate crisis, civil conflict, and wars hanging around the fringe of our global society. Anxiety is running high as many of our dysfunctional systems fall under the pressure of it all. Healthcare providers, educators, and counselors are running on fumes leaving us with questions of where our children will get their education, who will take care of the elderly and infirm, and how we are to deal with the addiction crisis. On top of all this...due to all this? or creating all this? Is the fact that we are becoming psychically sensitive!

I have often talked about PSYCHIC EVOLUTION, and how I am convinced we are becoming psychically sensitive as a people; with the most obvious display of ability being played out in the form of Empathy! As a whole, we are becoming aware of the emotions surrounding people, beings (animals, plants, etc), and situations. For many of us, this is a sought-out development, in which we have been hoping, seeking, and studying ways to develop our psychic perception. But for others, this is a soul-crushing experience of overwhelming emotions, anxiety, and fear as they are pushed around emotionally without an understanding that what they are experiencing is not theirs alone!

We are living in a year that is energetically aligned with consciousness opening, as 2023 is a 7 in numerology. (2023... 2+0+2+3= 7). Sevens in numerology are all about the expansion of personal perception, and developing a deeper relationship with our own consciousness. As this number is connected to a 'global' year it impacts all of us to some degree, regardless of whether we want to take part in the shift or not! This is something I have been discussing since the start of the year, and now at the midway point, it's interesting to reflect on how it is affecting us as a whole.

SEVEN in Numerology- is a number connected to logic, spirituality, conscious understanding, and intellect. It is the number of the 'Seeker', and the pursuit of a deeper awareness of reality.

While we may be interested in exploring the boundaries of our own consciousness, and the ways in which we perceive reality, the truth is most of us are unprepared for the increase in emotional input we are receiving; leaving even the most emotionally balanced of us searching for solace. So how do we take care of ourselves in this time of consciousness expansion?


We first need to recognize which emotions and feelings belong to us-

Start the day with doing two quick scans of your body, before interacting with others. The first scan (head to toe) is for physical sensations, the second is for emotional sensations. What you feel at this time belongs to you!

Repeat this exercise again when you have been around others for 10 minutes and see if your feelings and emotions have changed. If so, try to determine who they belong to. Once you can recognize they belong to another take a deep breath and release them from your body and consciousness!


Crystals can be used as a form of energetic armor.

Wearing a crystal (particularly Rose Quartz) near our HEART CHAKRA, either on a long chain or in our bra is a great form of energetic protection!

The Heart Chakra is the most sensitive energetic center on an empath! As a psychic receptor, it is deeply connected to emotions and feelings. It is the first psychic center to open for those experiencing an expansion of consciousness. Wearing a crystal on or near the heart center helps to stabilize our emotions.

Labradorite is another fabulous stone for empathic protection, particularly for those who seeking protection and opening their consciousness.


Spending time in nature alone or with friends is a great way to decompress and release emotions that do not belong to you.

Developing a relationship with the natural world is a great way to find peace in this hectic world. You do not need to buy expensive equipment to enjoy nature, you simply need to get outside! Forest trails, backyards, rivers, lakes, ponds, mountaintops, city parks, graveyards, and town greens offer us opportunities to get close and personal with the natural world.

Studies show that spending 2 hours or more in nature significantly improves our health and well-being!


Grab your water bottle, some snacks,, and your journal. head into your backyard, woods, or local park. Sit quietly for 5 minutes with your eyes slightly closed. Take deep breaths through your nose, inhaling and exhaling in rhythm. When finished spend a few moments writing in your journal, allowing yourself to reflect on how you feel and what is going on in your life. Knowing ourselves is key!

With a bit of education and practice, we can turn our empathic opening into something pleasant and beneficial in our lives. Like most things, the psychic opening can seem scary until we learn how to fit it into our reality.

spreading love-salicrow

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