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Entering the New Year with Intent…

Every year people start the New Year making resolutions…often things they cannot or will not keep.  Making of resolutions in itself is not a bad idea, but resolutions without the power of intent do not last.  The fuel for true resolution is commitment.  We need to believe the change we are making is within our power &  invest in it on a  physical, emotional and energetic level.

Belief is a powerful thing…quantum physics has proven that thought matters, what we believe we create.  Prayer, spell work, manifestation-call it what you like.  The point is that for true change to take place, there needs to be a belief that what we are asking for is within our grasp.  So all the folks who start their New Year with the resolution of loosing large amounts of weight or quitting smoking should first take a look at how they are going to manifest this in their life.  What do you actually need to do to make the changes real and permanent.

First lets talk a bit about wording…

In works of manifestation, what you say & repeat in your mind matters.   One of the things about quantum physics and manifestation is that it responds to where we put our focus and how much energy we put into it. It is not partial to good or bad, simply how much energy we extend.  If we are trying to loose weight & our internal banter is about how fat we are, we are actually manifesting being fat.  Same goes for “I have such a hard time quitting smoking”, we are telling ourselves that it has to be hard.  So take some time and really think about what you are changing this year and choose words that make your intent clear.  With clear intent, choose a mantra to aid you in your work.  A mantra is a sound or small group of words used to focus our intent.  It should be simple and to the point, such as “I am a non smoker”.  It is helpful for your mantra to be in the affirmative, as if your action has already taken place.  When using a mantra to aid your manifestation it is best to start your day repeating it half a dozen times.  It does not need to be said out loud.  Repeat it throughout the day whenever your brain starts it’s negative banter.  After awhile you will notice that there is less need for the mantra, as you are changing your programming.  The brain is like a super computer, and like all computers it can have bad programming.  That programming is not how we really think of ourselves but more like a virus.  You wouldn’t let a virus run rampant in your body, so clean that shit up.  You can work with as many mantras as you like, but my suggestion is to work on one at a time. Once you know what you are manifesting and have a good mantra picked it’s time for an energetic commitment.

Prayer and Spellwork are acts of sacred manifestation-

I am a big fan of using ceremony to set aside the mundane from the sacred.  Whether you choose to light a single candle or set out a huge ritual is a personal choice, but either way there is power behind prayer and spellwork.  The power lies in the connection to a higher power and/or our ability to connect to our own higher self.  Setting aside time to acknowledge our work as sacred, allows the universe to support us.  So as much fun as it may be to commit ourselves to things in the sparkly, alcohol induced environment of a New Years eve party it is not the most conducive to success.  My suggestion would be to wait until New Years day, and go through the effort of making your commitment a sacred one.  Remember when you make a commitment to better yourself, you are making that commitment to yourself and you deserve to do it right!

Once you have committed to change, set up a mantra and put your manifestation in motion your work is not done.  For your work to be a success you need to nurture it.  Our minds are tricky, that mantra will be used often.  Another important step is to remind ourselves why this change is a natural evolution for us.  It also helps to share our goal with others who are like minded or at least supportive of our growth.  Remember folks we all need a bit of help from time to time.  I wish you all the best this coming year.  May your dreams inspire you, your commitment fuel you and your soul experience deep growth.

spreading love-salicrow

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