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Embracing the Divine

How do we find the Divine in ourselves?  What does it look like?  How do we tap into that all encompassing energy people are always talking about?  

We live in exciting times, where the internet makes information available at a click of the finger or spoken word (unless your me who every computer answering service has no idea what I am saying.  We do not speak the same language apparently.).  All this information is fantastic, but in many ways it is sterile/lacking feeling, depth and substance.  It does not connect us to our world and our own majestic goodness, instead it gives us the 2 dimensional version of what it should look like.  Divinity is not 2 dimensional, it is multi-faceted; with peaks and valleys, it is sensuous (being experienced deeply by the senses).  So again…how do we get there?

We get there by living fully.  By spending time with ourselves and by embracing that which is our true essence.  Divine– of, like or from God.  Excellent;delightful.  To fully experience the Divine we need to let go of expectations, let go of the preconceived; taught version of god.  After all most holy books say that we cannot fully describe God, or even name him/her.  This to me means that God or Divinity is limitless, it is beyond our capacity to label.  As human beings we are always looking for the defining essence of things, the words we can use to express the truth of things.  But in reality truth is a tricky beast.  We all perceive truth from our own perception.  3 people witnessing an accident will describe 3 slightly different versions depending on the angle of their vision.

Going back to the Holy Books, we know or have heard time and again that we were created in the image of the creator.  A way for God to experience his/herself.  We are here to see, hear, smell and taste the world around us.  We are here to live life out loud.  When we live our life within the fullness of our senses we gain an appreciation for all that is.  We begin to need less, to feel full without stuffing ourselves and to truly live.  That being said without bullet points or try this stuff, this blog seems like a whole lot of Fluffy Bunny bullshit.  So here are a few things to try at home, in your yard, in your world.

1.  Wake up early, grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit with the rising sun.  No cell phones, no internet…just you and the sun.  This is a favorite of the Druids, to sit with your sun facing the rising sun and breathe deeply.  Allow yourself the pleasure of feeling the heat & light of the sun to shine on you.  Breathe deeply through your nose; imagining that you are pulling the light and energy of the sun into your body.  As you exhale give thanks for the body you inhabit.  For the ability to feel the sun upon your face.  *Now I know this is a tricky one for all of us Northern, Snow Bunnies…but that’s what windows are for on very cold days.  But I highly recommend a bit of actual sunlight on the face, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

2.  Look at yourself with kindness and honor.  Remember our creation is the work of greatness.  I mean really, do you know how to put something together as complex as a human being.  Our very existence is remarkable, there is a ridiculous amount of stuff going on inside of each and every one of us.  We need to stop looking at ourselves with the critical eye of judgement and start looking at ourselves with the eye of Awe.  Spend a few moments looking at your features.  Where did they come from, who in your family do you share them with?  I have two new babies in  my life and I am amazed by how much time I spend looking at there features and expressions & how much of that time is spent contemplating who else in the family has the same nose, smile, birth mark, etc.  We are not meant to be carbon cut outs of others, but are meant to be amazing amalgams of our ancestory.  We are the walking, talking representatives of our tribe.  And we are the Divine experiencing the Divine.

3.  Slow down & smell the roses…or coffee.  This high tech, fast paced world of ours often keeps us spinning like a squirrel on crack.  We eat without savoring the absolute delight that are taste buds give us.  We drive without appreciating the amazing beauty nature shows us every single day.  We listen without appreciating the range of tempo and vibration the human voice brings to us every time we hear other humans talk.  We need to slow things down, spend time doing nothing in particular.  My grandfather loved to watch people.  When I was a kid he would hang out in town at the local garage after work, shooting the shit with other locals and watching the town go by.  When he got older and the local garage turned into a mini mart, he moved himself to the town green where he sat on a park bench watching as people went about their lives.   He was not placing judgement, but simply watching the people of his world.

4.  Kindness.  Plain & simple, my God/dess is one of kindness & I experience the Divine whenever I extend kindness to others.  At that moment, I am the walking representative of Divinity.  Simple acts of kindness are essential to connecting with the Divine.  When we look out for the other beings; notice I did not say humans.  For beings are the all of our planets, the plants, animals, nature spirits, the whole bits together.  When we extend kindness we are standing directly on the path of true power.  We are alight with all that is good in the universe and we vibrate with love.  Good stuff folks, good stuff.

Well that my friends is my short and sweet, beginners connection to the Divine.  We all need to start somewhere and we all need to remember that we are truly the walking, talking representatives of God/dess.  Our words are powerful and our thoughts are the stuff of creation.

spreading love-salicrow

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