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Long ago I decided not to fight the changes that came into my life; to find my balance in the ever-shifting waters of being a co-creator of my own reality. This decision was not made lightly but instead came about after being energetically torn apart and put back together during the HUGE spiritual opening that happened to me 20 years ago; that I refer to as The November Incident. Anyone who has read my memoir JUMP GIRL will know what I am talking about and for those who don't I suggest reading the book; particularly if you are going through the reality-altering experience of psychic opening.

The last few months have been a reminder of how to live in constant movement, and change, as I birth both a new business The PEARL, Salicrow's Psychic Artisans Guild & Educational Center, and my third book SPIRIT SPEAKER, a Medium's Guide to Death & Dying; which comes out April 18, 2023. To say I have been busy would be an understatement, but somehow I have managed to find time for play and mini-spiritual adventures along the way. (Who needs to sleep anyways?) I did not plan to have so many things happening at once, but sometimes opportunity knocks, and as I said...I no longer resist the lessons placed before me. If it feels like I am supposed to be doing it, I put on my boots and get to work, knowing that the time of rest and enjoying the fruit of my labor will be upon me before I know it. It's like that old farmer saying "Make hay when the sun shines!". I recognize the importance of timing, and how much of my story has already been created by me; my actions, my dreams, my higher self shuffling the paperwork of life.

I find that the key is in the pace, allowing the stress of what comes next to slide off of me like a wave on the ocean. While it can be intense I find it easy to keep my balance if I remember that I created this plan, and that like all good plans things will go awry! I often think of my mind as 'The Director', as I am a drama geek at heart and I love putting on productions of one kind or another. (Like the WITCH'S BALL I am hosting in October) I love to create experiences both for myself and others and find that if I allow myself to view the high activity as a phase in which I am deep in production it becomes fun and exhilarating, as opposed to feeling like a weighted down burden. Too often we choose to see our lives through the lens of burden, without asking if we really needed to do it or if we wanted to. I didn't need to write books, nor did I need to create a business outside of what I was already doing as a psychic medium, but here I am living my DREAM, so I'm not about to complain about being busy, so with that in mind let me tell you a bit about The PEARL!

The PEARL is both a psychic artisans guild and an educational center. It is in part the re-birth of the wellness center/cafe/metaphysical store I owned in Lyndonville pre-pandemic. I sold the business in 2019 when my career took a turn in the direction of writing books. I knew I wanted to focus on the educational and craftsmanship of the Psychic Arts, and running a store and cafe were too much. The new owner; whom I was renting an office from, was unable to keep the business going and I took my teaching online and on the land. I still do both of those things, but as we headed into the winter season 22/23 I found myself thinking about an office, and well that office became two, and then a large open studio, and then former students and friends started taking office space around me, and well...The PEARL was born. I did a soft opening in December as part of St. Jay Sparkle; the town-wide winter celebration in St. Johnsbury, Vermont where The PEARL is located. I plan on being officially up and running by the end of May, until then you can expect to see growth and morphing throughout the next few months.

Classes, workshops, and circles are going to be a staple of The PEARL with many of the circles already running, and workshops planned throughout winter and early spring. What's still in the works is the website and social media for The PEARL, which means events will be advertised primarily through Salicrow, Psychic Medium. Here's a list of things to look forward to...

THE PEARL, Salicrow's Psychic Artisans Guild & Educational Center

301 Pearl Street, St. Johnsbury, VT 05810

Join Salicrow for a deep exploration of Lunar Magic and the power of the Moon! Wednesday Nights in March

(3/1, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29) 6-8 pm

Open your Voice & Discover your Magic! Explore the Element of Air with Salicrow- Saturday, Mar 11, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Online- Saturday, March 11, 3-5 PM

Join Vanessa Norway, Reiki Master for this traditional Usui Reiki 2 class, with added healing techniques for Intuitives and Empaths-

Saturday, March 18, 10-4PM

ONGOING CIRCLES hosted by sisters-Sandycrow & Magpie

So much more to share but we all only have so much time for blogs; whether we are writing them or reading them! I look forward to sharing the magic with you all!

spreading love-salicrow

Salicrow's services are available ONLINE & IN PERSON

@ The PEARL, 301 Pearl Street, St. Johnsbury, VT & ZOOM.

To schedule an appointment visit

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