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Cups sometimes referred to as chalices or goblets, is an emotional suit! Where Pentacles dealt with the physical world and Wands spoke to us about our ideas and inspirations, Cups with their connection to water are all about the way we feel, how things affect us emotionally, and the ability to perceive the world emphatically. Romance, family, friendship, and all the good and bad that come with it are mixed into the chalices we are served by, learning their language is to understand the depth of importance that comes through our emotions and how we can best manage them, including how we heal.

When it comes to the healing aspect of Chalices things can get deep, as they speak of the wounds that are bound in layers of emotional silt, covered in debris, and often hiding in plain sight.

Cups ask us to explore the inner workings of our emotional self. They invite us to dive deep, to simmer in our feelings. They celebrate the good in life and lament the losses, showing us a complete range of human emotions; from personal soul searching, journeying on our life path, intimate love affairs, marriage, and birth can all be found when gazing into the depths Goblets have to offer.

Like the Major Arcana, the suits tell a story, often leading us through mire and bramble, and over treacherous terrain that we may find our truth, because let's face it Life is filled with challenges. What the Tarot offers us is a navigation tool that can show us the best way forward. This is something I find particularly important when talking about the suit of Cups, as we are living in a time of Psychic Evolution in which more and more people are beginning to experience life Empathically; which means our emotions are all-the-fuck over the place.

Learning to see the Tarot as a Storyteller opens up the system in a way that is fluid and open to self-interpretation. While it is helpful to utilize books; learning the traditional meaning of individual cards, and how different spreads can help us get the answers we are looking for, it is more important that we learn to listen to our own intuition. For example, when looking at the Ten of Cups it is hard not to see the happiness and abundance of love present through the family celebrating the bliss of life. So do yourself a favor, when you layout cards resist the urge to pick up that book! Instead, first, explore the thoughts that come to your own mind, write them down in your journal, and then pick up the book if you still feel the need. Remember the Tarot was designed to trigger our subconscious mind, through symbolism and imagery it communicates with us directly. Entering our interpretation into our journal or Book of Shadows helps keep us honest when we are doing readings for ourselves, as I am sure we have all had moments of 'Oh, I just don't understand that, when in fact the real response should be 'I don't like the way that looks. In these moments we scrap what we saw, doubting our own insight, and begin shuffling in hopes of getting a different answer, I find this particularly true when it comes to affairs of the heart.

If Cups are showing dominantly in your readings you can expect a time of emotional immersion, in which how we feel will be a dominant consideration, for new love, marriage, childbirth, chasing one's dreams, betrayal, and grief are all found within its images. For those of you who identify as healers, you will find this suit plays a big part in your life, as you navigate the emotional waters that surround your clients as well as yourself. Emotions and what we do with them are what motivates us as humans, we are feeling beings and in general, are dominated by these feelings; whether we love them or resist them, none the less they are ever-present in our lives!

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Cups, Chalices, and Goblets is part of a 4 part blog series on the Suits of the Tarot-

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