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Communing with Spirits

Spirit communication includes more than the spirits of the human dead! While these are the most commonly sought out spirits; due to the deep emotional bonds we form with the ones we love, they are not the only spirits who seek communication. Communication is also possible with elemental nature spirits, dieties, animals, angels and other beings. Most of the time contact with spirits is fleeting, being more happenstance then purposeful. Such moments however have a tendency to change our lives, as they shift our awareness by showing us things we had previously not seen as possible.

When the moments are more then a glimpse into the unseen realm of reality the opening we feel comes with a deeper sense of knowing, often as if we have recieved a quest but have no idea where it is to, or what it is about, we just know we are about to step into something wyrd! Often the experiences surrounding the situation will broaden our awareness, making us more psychically sensitive.

An important thing to remember when experiencing spirit contact of any kind is that no spirit can take power of your body without you allowing them to, and this allowance is most often going to happen through fear! Another good thing to remember is the world really isnt filled with evil beings who are out to get you, any more then the physical world is! So be smart and surround yourself with love!

When we feel we are being visited by a spirit; human dead, nature, deity, etc. we must pay attention to what we feel when the spirit is around. Allow yourself to use all of your senses as you interact with the spirit, paying close attention to images you see in your minds eye. Set some rules of engagement and let the being know what your boundaries are. Chances are it will be one of your Beloved Dead, but if you spend a lot of time in the wilder places it may very well be an elemental being.

Make sure to keep track of your progress in your Book of Shadows, it really helps in the development of our symbolic language and the workings of our psychic mind.

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The Path of Elemental Witchcraft is abundantly filled with wisdom, heart, and deep teachings. Salicrow’s writing is authentic, passionate, and inspiring. In this wonder-full book she shares stories of her personal journey that illustrate who and what the elementals are, and she teaches us how to engage and relate with the elementals in safe and respectful ways. Each section is filled with a rich mix of practices, rituals, suggestions, and guidance for deepening our understanding and our relationship with Nature and the visible and invisible worlds around us."― Kathy Warner, cofounder of Heaven and Earth, LLC


Book a psychic consultation with Salicrow about your personal experiences encounters with spiritin the Realm of Wyrd, and gain psychic guidance your spiritual path.

Available it 40 minute or 1 hour appointments. It is recommended that you come to this appointment prepared with questions.

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